I saw love once

Once I saw love and rush to greet her, on the mouth I did kiss love, and sweet was the memories. In full I knew her name but dare not to speak it. She was young and knew not her worth in this sate of truth. And I say sit with me and talk with me for alone do I be. And she smile to greet her laughter because she was afraid to love me. She said, in that days when I left you till now your eye has grown old. How is it that you still remember me?

And a love not yet born? I said, I am a mystery to you who is not yet born. But my eyes to you are young and old. She said, why toy with about whom you are why not just simple tell me. I said, I be he whom name was taken but yet I remain a man. And she said, yes I know you God's eternal writer and yes I love he whom is not yet born. ( which means not yet die and left this earthly realm?) And she said I will sit with you and talk with you, before some unearthly name call to you.

And I said, oh dear tell me about love. And she took a deep breathe and begun to speak. And this is what love says. I saw our lord weeping in that valley near. I knew him as the innocent lamb. Than the even came who tongue was so full of praise. Who made thee to be marry, sweet, and innocent peace. And the lord say, my hair is white and my eyes are red with sorrow oh dear father. Oh father what of man disbelief and fear. The doors of death can not be seen by mortal eyes.

But by this pleasant stream the mother does keep the father. The roman worship their gods and temples and the prophets writes. And when the lord looked up he saw me. Me knew me for I stood there and wept. And the lord came to me and say, why do you weep, and I said lord I weep for you, and the lord said do not weep for me but for the world. And the lord left me to continue his prayer. For this is the night that Judas shall kiss him.

When the lord left me than love asks me, who do men say I am? And I reply, because I'm not in human form I must answer you like this. Thus art male and female for you can not be without the both. Than love said, come and walk with me. And we walk across many eaons to a dark and gloomy place. For I saw sitting there a king. And my heart spring forth for the tongue to speak. I know him for he is my brother. And love said, he is my husband. And I moved to make my feet go forth but they would not move. And love said you are not here to speak with him only to write what you see and hear. In truth I tell you he shall side with Lucifer deadly armies. Emotions filled my soul for I could not believe it. Therefore I asked why? Love said, for eaons he had sat in loneliness and the mistress have now found the words to comfort him.

Woe to those that lives. I saw Satan as he came and this is the lie for which he told. Than the lord came and say writer, write no more for come with me now quickly. And I stop writing and placed my pen down.

By Ronald