I'm About to Break

This is what I hate about not being at school

Not being able to see you

Inside I'm screaming…no one hears me

Putting up a face for others so they don't question me

Waiting for the cover of night

I hold back tears wishing you could hear me

Calling every possible number

My heart beats faster as my fears grow

This feeling I had was right…as it's always been

Why does a part of me feel so dead?

Like I'm numb and trying to get myself alive again

Wanting to scream hurtful words to anyone who gets near

I bite my tongue to hold back those words

I just can't hold out any longer

Aching heart…screaming mind

Why is this hurting me?

But I miss you so much…

Years it seems since I last saw or talked to you

I know I'm exaggerating, but what else can I do?

Why does this blood have to be bled?

Why do the cuts go so deep?

Leaving deep scars that will keep

Killing myself with each stroke at a time

Pushing back the emotions bit by bit

Soon to be a hollowed out shell

What was once me is now gone

Cause the pain is getting to be too much

Very soon I will break from all this stress and sadness