Painful Memories Depression and jealousy is clawing at my heart again Inside I'm screaming…shouting for the madness to stop

Past memories come back to haunt me

Tears are coming, as that familiar pain is once again present

Why do I feel so ignored and jealous?

Why am I so god damned possessive?

Things I tried so hard to forget come back

Hit me hard draining my will to go on

I scream in agony…

Doesn't anyone hear me?

Why does my pain always go unnoticed by everybody?

Don't you see the struggle in my eyes?

The way they dim and the sparkle dies

The once happy aura gone

No one sees…no one feels….

What can I do? What can I say?

How can I explain?

I have no words to describe why I feel this way

Its reminding me too much of past memories

Don't make me face hell again

Where is my salvation?

My heaven and haven

Why don't I get a moments peace?

How could I ever say what I feel?

I never have enough time to tell you

There's never a moment where we can truly listen to one another