a/n: hello! I just noticed the other day that this poem had been somehow deleted from my profile a while back. Poof! Inexplicably gone! So here it is, back and kicking: at that point, my first non-rhyming poem. Hope you like it.

The Wolf

It comes again,

Waiting for cover of darkness,

Bringing and icy, cold brightness to the world.

The full moon.

Ripping my spirit,

My heart becomes darker than the night.

I cannot sleep until my thirst for blood has been quenched.

A low, piercing howl tears my body.

I can't think.

I can't breathe.

The spirit of the wolf takes over me,

Pulling me into an endless night,

A dark void with no hope.

Pain without comfort.

Screams without sound.

Hate without reason.

Life without joy.

I die a thousand deaths,

Yet live to see another day.

Yet only the nights...

The nights when I run free.

The nights when evil courses through my veins.

The nights I become a monster.

A life alone.