A Young Girl's Heart


"Bye sweetheart, we'll miss you," her mom yelled from the aging automobile.

"Stay good and we'll see you next summer," her dad said, waving.

The next moment, they were gone in a cloud of dust. Emilie stood alone facing the three old stone buildings, trying to decide which one was the high school. Picking the one on her right, she made her way up the gravel path, passing fancy fountains and symmetric gardens filled with white lilies and purple pansies and stood at the oak door mustering up courage to twist the silver doorknob. As she rose her hand to grasp it, to her surprise, it started to open.


An average day at SGA, Shiloh thought to herself, dumping her heavy books on her turquoise bedspread and putting her night's homework on the desk under the window.

"Why can't anything exciting happen?" she said aloud.

"Bye sweetheart, we'll miss you."

Shiloh glanced up in time to see an old corvette drive of and a blonde making her way to the front door.

"Ooh, won't Daniel and his friends be glad to hear about the new girl on the block," Shiloh squealed, picking up her cell phone and dialing her brother's number.

Daniel and both of his roommates had dated nearly every girl at St. Grace's Academy, at least once and made out with each girl more times than the three boys could count.


"What's up, sis?" Daniel answered.

Being only a year apart, the two were pretty close, unlike some siblings they knew.

"Hey, are Eric and Randy there, too?" she questioned.

"Yeah, why?"

"I have huge news about something you'll all die when I tell you," she squealed again. A second later she heard the faint beep of speakerphone being activated.

"Okay, you guys! Now, we all know how SGA doesn't have its fair share of girls.. Well, at least good looking ones…" Shiloh started.

"Don't forget about Zarah, she's bloody hot and kisses so good," Randy sighed.

Randy had the biggest crush on Zarah ever since he came to SGA, about a year ago. Being the new boy, Zarah had to be the first one to date, kiss and breakup with him, which usually left the boy heartbroken and her mimicking the way he looked when he kissed in front of her plastic posse.

"Rubbish, she's a tramp," replied Shiloh, "But, anyways, there's a new girl on the block, a blonde," she added.

"Ooh, a blonde?" Eric said interestedly.

"Yes, a blonde," Shiloh replied, "And I bet she's never snogged a boy."