Standing at the door was the oldest and strictest lady that Emilie had ever seen. She was in an old gray tweed suit with a yellow and orange cross brooch. Her hair, pulled tightly into a nap at the back of her neck drew her skin tight and made her expression a fierce one. Her dark brown eyes, that seemed almost black, looked right there Emilie, which made her feel like she was being x-rayed.

"Welcome to Saint Grace's Academy, I'm the headmistress, Mrs. LeFier. After I go over the regulations, you may go up to your dormitory where you will meet your roommate and get your schedule of classes," she recited. Emilie noted it seemed memorized, as she stepped into the entrance hall and was led to Mrs. LeFier's office.

Her office, decorated with a rich white carpet and scarlet walls, held portraits of old headmasters and mistresses. The window she had her back to overlooked the rocky shore of the river and the jagged mountains in the background, a picture that could be on a postcard, Emilie thought to herself, staring absentmindedly at the scene.

"Ms. Reed. Ms. Reed." Mrs. LeFier stated.
"Yes, what did you say?" Emilie questioned, blushing.

"I said, even though this school is co-educational, remember that nobody and I mean nobody likes to see affection. Do I make myself clear?" she said.

"Crystal," Emilie replied.

"Good," Mrs. LeFier replied, "Now, your dormitory is on the third floor and your roommate is Shiloh Hayes."

"Thank you," Emilie said, got up and moved towards the door.

"Oh, another thing," Mrs. LeFier said, watching Emilie turn around, "I never want to see you in my office again, good day."

POV- Shiloh

Hanging up her phone, Shiloh realized to needed to tidy up, being the neat freak that she was and decided to start with her desk. Hauling off all of the rubbish, she swept it neatly into the dustbin when a piece of official yellow paper struck her eye.

Reading it quickly, she realized she really needed to clean.

"Oh, crap, I forgot!" she smacked herself on the forehead, "The blonde is my roommate!"

Shiloh had never had a roommate before. Last year, she was supposed to get one but the girl never showed up to the school and Shiloh never figured out why.

Humming to herself while cleaning, Shiloh heard a slight gasp and she quickly turned around to find the blonde standing in the doorway.

"Why, this room is beautiful," the blonde sighed.

Which was true. The room was decorated with yellow walls and two turquoise beds on opposite sides of the room. The only window in the room took up a third of the wall and lead out to a balcony overlooking the same picture perfect scene from Mrs. LeFier's office. The carpet was a light blue and brought the room to life.

"Hi, I'm Shiloh Hayes," her roommate said.
"I'm Emilie Reed," the blonde responded and smiled, showing off her straight white teeth.

Emilie was gorgeous. Her wavy blonde hair went down to her shoulders and curled around her tanned face and complimented her hazel eyes. She was a lot shorter than Shiloh, maybe around 5'3", but underneath her dress, Shiloh could tell she had a perfect body.

"Where are you from? I can't tell your accent," Shiloh asked.

"Oh, is it that noticeable? But, I'm from Rhode Island," Emilie responded and blushed.

"Really? I went there once, to Newport. The mansions were beautiful," Shiloh sighed.

While Shiloh was busy dreaming about Newport, Emilie looked around with a look of awe on her face. The canopy beds were something out of a fairy tale, the scenery outside the window perfect.

And to think I was upset about coming here, Emilie thought to herself.

"With that look on your face, wait until you see the bathroom, you'll die!" Shiloh squealed. Taking her hand, she dragged Emilie to the wooden door and dramatically threw it open.

"Ta da!" Shiloh exclaimed.

Shiloh was right, the bathroom was marvelous. The sink was a stainless steel sea shell design which matched the stainless steel shower and bath tub.

The rest of the room was decorated with white tiles. A long full length mirror stood at one end of the room, parallel to the closet.

"Hey, Emilie, do you know anybody here yet?" Shiloh questioned as she watched Emilie looking at her reflection

"No, well, except you," Emilie responded, nervously twirling her hair around her finger.

"Do you want to get to know others?" Shiloh said rebelliously.

"One question," Emilie said smiling.


"Are they hot?"