Chp. 3

Within two hours, everyone who Shiloh called showed up with a couple more friends. Not knowing the party was for Emilie, the crowd stayed around Shiloh, who, Emilie guessed, was the life of any party. Over the loud music, someone called her name, but it wasn't Shiloh, or any girl for that matter. Looking up, she saw the most gorgeous boy ever.

"You must be Emilie, right?" he said.

"Ye..yeah," she stuttered.

He towered over her by at least nine inches. His dark blonde hair was messily spiked up, looking as if he had just woken up, but his hazel eyes had a twinkle to them that told her otherwise. He was dressed as the average prep, with a blue, yellow and white striped polo and khaki shorts that actually fit, leaving his toes to peek through his Abercrombie flip-flops. Her heart was instantly taken.

"I'm Daniel, more commonly called Dan, Danny, Dannykins, but the last one is only by my sister, who, I believe is your roommate," he stated.

"Who, Shiloh?" she asked.

"Yes." he answered.

"But you two don't look anything alike," Emilie said laughing.

Joining her laughing, he agreed.

"Do you want something to drink?" he asked her.

"Yes, please, I'm dying."

While he was away, Emilie hurried to try and find Shiloh and found her in the middle of a group of friends.

"Oh, Emilie, I want to introduce you…This is Nicole, Carleen, her boyfriend, Steve, Greg, who is Steve's twin, Autumn, Eric, Randy, they're both my brother's roommates, who it looks like you've already met.." Shiloh stated as she watched Daniel stand next to Emilie and drape his arm around her shoulder, giving her the drink.

"Well, you never introduced us," Daniel said.

"Emilie, this is my dork brother, Daniel, Daniel, this is my sweet roommate, Emilie," she said, poking her brother in the chest.

Turning to Emilie, Daniel gently took her hand and raised it up to his lips, "Zee pleasure est all mine."

Giggling, she said, "Ooh lala, un garçon beau à mes pieds. Quel festin pour moi!"

Astounded, "You know French?" he questioned.

"10 years, it's all we speak at home," Emilie answered, "My parents loved the language and since it's the language of love, they thought it would be perfect for their relationship."

"Think you could teach me sometime?" he asked, taking her arm and leading her out to the balcony.

"Of course, I'd be honored,"

"It sure is cold out," she whispered. Outside it was so quiet and she felt intrusive.

Wrapping his arms around her, he asked, "Is this better?"

"Very much, thank you," she smiled and sank into his arms.


"Yes?" she answered, looking up.

"Can you come closer?"

"Is this good?"


"How about now?"

"Just a little bit closer."

"Is this good?" she asked. She was nearly touching his nose and could smell Listerine on his breath.

"Yes." he said

Suddenly, he reached forward and placed his hand on the small of her back and felt her wrap her arms around his neck. Before both knew what was happening, their lips interlocked, fueling the heat of the night.