Chp. 4

At exactly 6:00 am the next day, their alarm went off, leaving only an hour to prepare for the four classes both girls faced that day. From what Shiloh said, Emilie had the easier schedule with French, English, Gym and Biology, while she had Oceanography, English, German and World History.

"Em, have you seen my blue flip flops?" she muttered, halfway under her bed, making her brown gauchos wrinkled.

"Do they have sequins on the side?" Emilie asked.

"Yeah, why?" she answered

"Uhh, they're on my feet, do you really need them today?" Emilie asked again. She found them while Shiloh was in the shower and thought they would go great with her white sundress she bought right before arriving to school. The dress was one of her favorite pieces of clothing, it clung in all the right places and showed off the figure she worked so hard to achieve.

"Yeah, there's a pair of lilac ones in my closet that would match better with your dress, if you really want flip flops." Shiloh offered.

Smiling, she said, "Are you sure you don't mind?"

Laughing Shiloh responded, "Only if you let me borrow that mini, you know, the red balloon one. Where did you buy that anyways, I haven't been able to find one and I've been wanting one for ages."

"Believe it or not, Target."

They left the dorm together, promising to meet at the library later on to discuss a play by play about the party and find someplace to eat dinner. According to Shiloh, the school food made her want to starve herself, but she had an idea of where to find dinner.

Both walked down to the library, where Shiloh went left to Oceanography and Emilie went right to French. After a few wrong turns, Emilie arrived in the French room, A4, and quickly went to find an available seat. The one she found was next to a nice looking, blonde who seemed interested in talking to Emilie.

"You must be new, am I right?" the blonde said.

"Yes, my name is Emilie Reed," Emilie said smiling.

"Oh, yes, I heard Shiloh talking about how she had you for a roommate. But between you and me," the blonde leaned closer, "she isn't as nice as you think. Last year, a new girl came, Lily who had Shiloh as a roommate, a few days after she arrived, she started complaining about Shiloh and how she snuck out to meet boys, and this and that, petty things, you know, and the next day, she was gone."

"That sounds like total bullshit to me," Emilie said rolling her eyes.

"You can believe what you want, but I know what happened, " the blonde said, a smug look crept on her face. "Alright, tell you what, if you meet me at the green tapestry on the fourth floor, across from the Music Theory classroom, tonight at midnight, I'll tell you everything you want… For a price, that is."

"How about I hear the information first, then decide if it's worthy for a price?"

"Nope. Either you hear it, presenting the price first, or you don't hear it at all, Take your pick, I'll be at the tapestry."

"What's the price?"

"Simply put, lose all ties with Daniel and his crowd, if not, watch out."

"Wait, how will you know and what's your name?" Emilie whispered.

"Just call me Z and don't worry, I know everything, " she muttered back.

The rest of French went by slowly; the whole class dedicated to a review of the Imparfait. While Mme. Zessus droned on about conjugations for avoir, Z sent a note over. Don't forget about tonight, Emilie Reed. Emilie now wondered if she was making a mistake, meeting Z to find out dirt about Shiloh.

The rest of the day passed by quickly. Before Emilie knew it, it was time to meet Shiloh and find a place to eat. She made her way to the library, only taking one wrong turn and coming face to face with Daniel. Blushing, she turned away and before he could said a proper greeting, she disappeared into the mob of people working their way to their dorms. Finally she arrived at the library, only five minutes late. Shiloh didn't seem to mind, on the contrary, she seemed absolutely delighted to see Emilie, bombarding her with questions her first day.

"Emilie, how was your first day?"

"Um, fine," Emilie lied and changed the topic, "Did you find a place to eat?"

"Yeah, it's a cute little bakery. Even better, we can walk there!"

"Sounds delicious, let's go!"

During dinner, Emilie couldn't stop thinking about how she had to give up Daniel and completely ignore the others. On the other hand, she was starting to wonder what Shiloh did to Lily and why she left.

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