Chapter One-Leaving

It was a cold day in Oregon. It wasn't quite winter yet, but fall was almost over. The wind blew harshly across Samantha's back, as she packed everything she owned into the back of her Ford truck.

She had had enough of this place. Ten years was enough time to spend in a small country like this. Nothing ever happened here and she wanted excitement.

"I really wish you didn't have to leave." A voice whispered.

She didn't turn to meet the eyes of the person. She knew the voice well enough to know who it was. It was Tyson Wilson. Her steady boyfriend for almost five years.

"I've already told you Ty." She said, slinging a suitcase into the back of the truck.

She could feel his eyes on her. Those gleaming blue eyes. The very reason she said yes when he asked her out all those many years ago.

She pushed pass him and into the house they once shared. Up till last night, when she told him she was leaving.

He didn't understand. He never did. He liked the way things were. Where he came home to his smiling girlfriend. Where they shared dinner and many round abouts in the room they shared.

She reached for one of her last two bags of her memories, and rushed back to the truck.

Tyson said nothing. That was his biggest fault that he told himself he had. Not saying anything. Maybe if he said more to Samantha, he might have be able to keep her here. With him like he always thought it would end.

No more. He had to speak up.


"Don't Ty." She cut in.

She passed him again and grabbed for her final bag, only for Tyson to push her hand away. She looked up at him, her dark brown eyes tangling with his blue.

"Tyson." She whispered.

He pilled the last bag into the back of her truck and backed away.

"I really wish you didn't have to go." He groaned, as she walked pass him and hopped into the black truck.

She started the car and leaned out the window. She gave him a quick kiss, totally catching him off guard.

"I'm sorry Ty." She whispered.

He watched her car slowly snake it's way down the drive way. Her tail lights flashed red. Only once. Then she was gone.

Tyson held his pain as long as he could. The second she was out of sight, he lost it. He hit his knees and pounded his fists to the ground several times. He ignored the pain, as blood gushed from his knuckles.

It hurt like hell, but not as much as the girl he loved leaving him along.