Trying so hard to make you see

How every fiber of me longs for thee

I'd die and rise and cross the world

But to see you with another girl

Would kill me to all eternity

Making it all come alive, all my insainity

I try to convince myself I need ye not

But more then my heart have you caught

My mind lies awake

And dreams of your face

Night and day I cannot escape

Your pressence, it haunts me like a shadow

Forever there but never in my grasp is you

I want to tell of my yearning

For your sweet yet deadly kiss

That is continuing its killful burning

On these lonely, cold lips

That shall never see

The kiss of life

You gave to her so easily

You told me to trust ye

You'd take care of me

So I did and gave thee my heart so shattered

Hoping it wouldn't matter

But my insecurities bugged ye to another life

Leaving me to fix love's strife

Alone and cold I cannot heal

All the wounds you produced on me

Crushed heart and broken phantom bones

Life has seemed to stop in it's track

As I wish away that you would come back

Stop leaving me!

The tears burning down my face

Happiness showing no trace

To ever have crossed this soul

One more wish from me growing old

Love me or leave me

I'm here to live or I'm here to die

So take me as I am or I'll say my final good-bye

But everytime you say hello without more in mind

The pain rips through me like a sword on flame

Covered in poison and all disdain

So love me or leave me is all I ask from ye

Take me as I am for the love is so strong for thee

a/n- i didn't really want to edit it all that much or go over it cuz its really really from the heart i mean all my poetry is but i always try to fix it up a bit so here this is pretty much pure until i do edit it...r/r plz