i could whisper to you a bunch of clichés
but it wouldn't matter, you've screamed them all already
i could wilt and die and plead
that no one understands me
that no one cares to.
i'd just be silenced.

you left me crying so hard

i forgot what pain felt like

i felt nothing but the steady drum of my heart
against my ribcage; screaming to let it rest(once and for all)
on the other side of the mirror she screamed as well and she told me
that it would be so simple as to
just sneak up into the kitchen and slit your wrists
(just like cutting tomatoes.)

it's hard to fight her sometimes.

i lifted my wrist to my lips and she watched
(a soul cold and calculating under those ebony eyes.)

bite down and she screams. bite down and the flesh
the flesh the flesh the flesh
pulses through my mouth
harder harder harder
like a word caught in my mouth
i bite down until i bleed.

she's gone by now.
(she always hated the color white.)