Tsukunoma no Mujaki na: Transient Innocence

By Tsuyunoinochi Koukyo

A girl is as innocent as virgin snow

Frightened yet intrigued by better things to come

Snow is replaced by those vibrant and colorful flowers

Just as life is replaced by cruel yet embracing death

The innocence of snow is eternal; though snow does not last

Better things come to replace it, more stronger things as vast

Just like a virgin will become unclean

The snow also becomes unclean and dies, only to return next year

Infatuating innocence does this snow possess

Intoxicating immortality does this snow caress

For though it is gone for one winter, it is bound to return the next

And just as a virgin loses it once

In her next life she is bound to possess it once again

And those beautiful flowers can bloom once more

Only to be choked by the ever returning white snow.

Author's Notes: I was not going to post this at all, but I thought… it might be good to get it out there, anyway, even if I don't like it.

The main idea of this thing is that snow is like a virgin-clean, beautiful, blah blah blah. But just as snow has to go away sometime, virginity does as well. And just as snow returns next winter, in a girl's next life, she is a virgin once more. Hence the title-Transient Innocence.