Mirror Girl

I stand in front of the mirror, seeing the girl who gazes back at me,
I can see she has no worries, content as she can be.
She dances and she twirls, she sings and she dreams,
In a world all her own, she plots and she schemes.

The girl in the mirror still smiles at me,
And though we look alike, so different is she.
Burdened with no troubles, bothered with no fears,
The girl needs never frown, has no need for tears.

The graceful mirror girl stares straight back at me,
And though the years have passed, she still remains so free.
Though she's just a mirror girl, lonely as can be,
She's learned a life long lesson that's she's trying to teach me..

The sun might never rise, tomorrow may never come,
But while today's here, be what you'll become.
Never know when the mirror might break,
Never know which path you're about to take.

Make the most of what you've got,
In the end, you'll find that it's a lot.
Grass may be greener on the other side,
So take a chance, and at least you've tried.

Not enough time for endless regrets,
What's gone is gone, time to forget.
Do it all while you've got the chance,
Don't leave it all 'til the last dance.