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I arrived just as they started sucking faces and they were so entranced by what they were doing that none of them ever noticed me. Well the opening and closing of the door at least. Because as soon as I heard and understood what was going on in there I left. Did it shock me? No. They were so obvious I would have guessed had I been blind. Which I wasn't.

I considered interrupting them. But as much as they deserved to be brought back on hearth, Brian deserved to have some good-time even more. With a guy like Nathan he would need as many sweet memories as he could get. There were hard times coming. I knew it and I guess Nathan knew as well but Brian didn't have a clue what a life like the kid's or mine entails, it keeps following you around and the only way to keep it from popping up at inadequate moments is to keep enough ties with it to control it. Nathan's job for Chen wouldn't be the last, if Nathan thought so then he was more foolish than was healthy. In the morning, late afternoon at the latest, I would need to separate the lovebirds. Right now they could get time together, hopefully they had already taken care of the talking bit and had reached a viable solution. I wouldn't bet on it too much, men are very strange creatures.

The smile on my face I had trouble erasing as I made my way out of the building. I would stay around for a while. Chen paid well when for jobs that weren't screwed too badly, once I got that thing out of the way there would be juicier and healthier contracts. Maybe Nathan could help if he did well on the job. Maybe Keeping him on edge would keep me interested enough to bear with his bullshit. Brian would need some help with this relationship anyway.

Yes, we could probably live all together like this for a time. Maybe Brian wouldn't get tired so easily of Nathan's adrenaline addicted nature. And Nathan, in turn, would tolerate Brian's puppy like affection. Maybe some of it would rub on me and I could stop falling for guys that weren't meant to be mine. Yhea, one day, maybe, I could get something for myself that would be a little like what they had now.