A/N: Hey, if you're reading this, this is the sequel to my previous story, The Predators. You don't have to have read The Predators to understand this one (at least, that's how I'm trying to make it), but it would be helpful. The chapter lengths of this story will be shorter than the original. I'm aiming for around 10 pages a chapter, whereas the original Predators was around 20 pages a chapter (the longest being 37 pages I believe). Anyway, I hope you guys like this. I won't update it THAT much, seeing as how I'll be juggling this and my other series, Thunderstrike, but I'll try. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it.


It's been a year since the defeat of the Preds on Badland. It's been a year since my return to Earth to pick up the pieces of my former life. It's been a year since the war swung in our favor.

But it still wasn't over.

War analysts predicted that the war would be over by Winter, 2176. It was now April, 2177, and we were still fighting.

My squad and I had been assigned to the campaign to retake the planet of Gateway. Gateway was a forest planet. Trees, swamps, rivers, valleys, lakes, all that stuff was on Gateway. Oh yeah, there were Predators on Gateway too. A lot of Predators.

Vile creatures, those Predators are. I've lost a lot of good men to them. Davis, Patterson, Wide, Post Office. All of them were victims to the Predators, an alien race from the planet of Badland.

In 2175, we launched a major, last ditch assault on Badland. And we were successful. The entire planet was destroyed. The Predator's underground tunnel networks were completely pulverized from the power of the Avenger-class bombs. Now it was just a matter of sweeping up the rest of them and retaking our planets.

I was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant following my return from Gateway, and my squad was replenished with new recruits.

The other squads of Sergeant Brees and Sergeant Kanoho were also replenished with new recruits. But that didn't change the fact that our Lieutenant had died during the Badland operation, and we were down by one entire squad when they had disappeared on Earth.

Well, all of that was about to change. We were getting a new Lieutenant. He or she would be the third lieutenant I would serve under. But we were still going to operate with just three squads.

So there we were, on the planet of Gateway, in the forest, just waiting for the next chapter in our lives . . .