His Need, Her Love

Ding dong... Ding dong..Ding dong

"Coming!" She yelled from her room and tried to finish up her last thought on the essay. Who would come at this hour? She ran downstairs as she was trying to figure out who would be standing in front of her house. No one came to her mind. Well, no matter who that person is, s/he must be in a hurry.

"Oh, hi!" She was surprised to see him as she opened the door. He would usually call before he plans to drop by. Plus, wasn't he busy today? If so, then what brought him here at this hour? To her, he looked very different today, very different. "I wasn't expecting you." She stepped aside, inviting him into her house.

"I didn't know I was coming either." There were clearly anger, danger and a sense of pain in his cold and distant voice. He reached out for her unexpectedly, pulled her into his arms, and tightly wrapped his arms around her.

This was not the first time he hug her but it was the first hug that lost all its meanings. No warmth, no support, no feelings, he was simply pressing her body against his, as if he wanted to merge them together.

"What's wrong?" She didn't bother moving or pull a distance because she wouldn't be able to anyway. She could feel his body stiffened as she asked the question but soon, he loosen up his arms and let a little space slide in-between them. She tilted her head and looked directly into his eyes and his soul. They were darker and deeper than usual and most of all they were dull, dead as if someone had taken away that last light, that last glimpse of hope. He was a wolf who got hurt and who was mad. He may be very tender and searching for love and care but at the same time, he could be very dangerous, searching for an anger outlet. She didn't know what would he choose to be but she was trying to predict his next move. She had never seen such naked anger and frustration in his eyes before. This was her very first time. From her knowledge, only one person on this planet if not this universe could drive him mad. Only she had that power...

Before she could finish her thoughts, he pressed his lips firmly against hers. He forced her lips open for him and tangled his tongue with hers. There was no desire, no passion, not even lust, simply hunger. He was hunger for power and control. He pushed her toward the nearest wall and kicked the front door shut behind him. She wimped and frowned as her back hit the light switch. This was wrong. He had a girlfriend the last time she checked. She needed to push him away. She couldn't let him continue this action of 'raping'. But she didn't.

He moved his lips down her neck, kissing, nibbling, sucking, leaving marks as he makes his way down. He didn't have patient to unbutton her shirt; instead he ripped it apart and the buttons fell on the hard wood floor, making clear and distinctive sounds. Their cloths started to pile up beside them. He lifted her up and she naturally circled her legs around his hips. It was a good thing that she was light, easy enough for him to lift her. He held her in her arm and walked upstairs, heading toward her bedroom. He laid her on the bed and he climbed on top of her. He bent down and sucked on one of her breast as his other hand fumbled with the other. He bit and put enough pressure with his fingers that made her moan in pain, not pleasure. Soon, he got down between her legs and his hands went in-between her inner thighs. He felt her wetness and her needs. He didn't wait any longer. He pushed right into her, deep and hard.

At that split second, she gasped for air. Her eyes were wide opened; her hands clutched onto the sheets and two drop of tears formed at the corner of her eyes and they rolled down, silently, along her skin. He didn't see them or maybe he did, just didn't care. She bit her lips as hard as she can so that she wouldn't let out screams or sounds while he was penetrating her, further and harder every time, until he ejaculated right inside of her.

He lay right beside her, resting his arm across her waist. Quietly, she lifted his arm and sat up. She randomly grabbed a towel beside her bed and wrapped around her naked body. She walked to the washroom with some clean cloths. Click she locked the door behind her. It was a natural movement. She didn't turn on the bathroom light because she didn't want to see her reflection in the mirror. Quickly, she put on some underwear and an over sized T-shirt that covered all the way up to her thighs. She turned on the cold water tap and splashed some water on her face. He treated her as an outlet of his anger. He wanted to have control and power and that was why he came. There were no feelings, no desire, no passion involved on that bed. It wasn't even sex. He simply fucked her if not rape her. She knew it from the start but she didn't do anything to stop it.

By the time she went back to her room, he was already half dressed in his jeans, leaving his upper body topless.

"I'm sorry." He apologized.

She wanted to say 'it's okay' like all other times, but she couldn't seem to force those three words out of her lips; instead she gave him a faint smile, trying to cover that shadow of pain in her eyes. "I thought you were busy today." All of a sudden she remembered, "Didn't you have a DATE with her?" She emphasized the word 'date' to remind him that he had a girlfriend!

"We got into an argument. Both of us got a little frustrated and over the head. She broke off with me." His voice was icy cold. No wonder. She thought, that sure explains the pain and the frustration in his eyes. Only she ever had the power to hurt him, to anger him and at the same time to make him do everything for her.

Just then, his cell phone rang and he picked it up at the second ring. "Hey!" His tone suddenly changed from cold to warm, from sadness to delight. His face was soft again and a huge smile formed at the corner of his lips. It wasn't very hard to guess who was on the other side of the call. "It's okay. I apologize too. I'll see you in a bit then." He hung up and that call brought that familiar light and happiness back into his blue eyes.

"You got to go?" Her voice was so quiet that she could barely hear herself. Even though she knew the answer, she had to ask.

"Yeah, she apologized and made up to me" He pulled his T-shirt over his head and grabbed up his accessories that were lying on the carpet, such as wallet, keys and etc.

His short answer was full of laughters that were laser blades that cut right through her. She felt blood slowly drained away from her, staining every inch of her carpet. What about me then?! Who am I then?! Next time, can't you just go to a bar and fuck somesluts? Or am I justthat unworthy to you, your personal slut?! Thosewords screamed in herhead but they were never let out through her grabbed onto the chair that was beside her, to support herself and took a deep breath, forcing the pain in her heart to go away.

"It's okay." She forced out a perfect smile tohide that dark shadow in hereyesand gulped down her tears.

She walked him to her door and hugged him before he stepped out of the house. "Drive safely and enjoy." That was her usual line.

Just before she closed the door, he turned and walked toward her again.

"Forgot something?" She asked politely, hoping he would say that he wanted to stay but...

"No, just back there, we didn't use..."

"Don't worry." She cut him off immediately and closed her eyes, "my period just came and I will go get the pills later."

"Thanks." He turned and ran back to his car...

She leaned on the door as she closed it behind her. She slide down and cuddled into a ball. Tears ran down her cheeks, slowly soaking her T-shirt... She cried...

A/N: I don't know what came that caused me to write this scene. While I was writing it, I found the guy is a total bastard well I created him that way but now when I read it again, the girl is plainly stupid. Oh well. It's the first time for me writing smt like this hope it's not too horrible. Yeah, kinda weird. but give me some suggestions. R&R PLZ! Thank you (oh and I hope you enjoyed it.. even thought it is sad)