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Author: Luv and Peace

Chapter 1: The Flash

Pamela Anderson. Interesting comparison she and I would make. Of course, despite her, um, revealing outfits and the few millions plastic surgery, she had really wanted those big boobs. I mean, it's not as if I've got something against her or anything…but I had to make one drastic comparison. It was either her or Carmen Electra. Or that chick from that movie where he guy gets jealous of that girl and ends up killing her? You know? Anyway, the point I was trying to make before I talked about…Damn it! What was her name?...Okay, stop talking, Kate. Just get to the damn point.

I hate my breasts. Well, actually, I should say, I hate my body.

The point is that I am huge all over. When I was in elementary school, I was constantly made fun of because I was overweight. Had I known that all my belly fat would have gone straight to my chests and hips, I would have started dieting then and there. Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, bring it on, baby! Of course, add being a feminist and the picture of this freaky girl is complete.

By the time I was in high school, I started noticing that all my guy friends, few that I had, wouldn't look at my grey eyes, but would stare at my chest and that their gazes would either drift down or they would suddenly blush while I blabbed off. On top of it, my hips began expanding as I refused to diet. My mother describes my hips as the valleys of the hills, I described them to be just freaking huge! (Of course, I wished I looked like Jennifer Lopez, but hey, can't have it all)

So, when I was done university, all I wore were baggy pants and shirts. I didn't want to seem like the typical blonde, with a huge bootie (though I have jet black hair but who's ever looked at THAT!) with an IQ of 0.5. No, I had big plans. I was smart! I had a Bachelor of Science in Math, (calculus, no less). Of course, then everyone accused me of sleeping with the professor.

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.

Therefore, my educational life sucked (look paragraph above…the one before the happy camper for the reason why), my social life sucked, (because as soon as anyone heard the name Kate, they thought, who "Chest girl"?), and no one took me seriously.

When I was younger I had a goal, goal to provide for the poor, or to work in a museum, or do something special! It's all gone…like ashes being thrown over the river Ganga.

Now, you're probably wondering, okay, why is this chick droning on and on about her problems? Right, so now we get to the kind of unrealistic part. I was in a situation unthoughtable (I made up that word, it means, "Unthinkable" except past tense…) by anyone! I was going on an interview! An interview with the FBI.

If you dare laugh, I'll grab the gun and shoot you!

That's what my mother did when I called her. She laughed. She laughed! Great support system I had, eh?

So, anyway, in the midst of putting no makeup, dressing in the baggiest pants, pulling my hair back, and taking my coffee mug to the sink, guess who I saw?

That's right. The guy next door. The drunk, the looser! The idiot! And any other synonyms of looser anyone could think of.

The first time I met him, he had declared war! The night before his so called "declaration", I had a late night shift, caught a thief, and was almost stabbed. Great way to spend a Friday night. I had been looking forward to having the morning off to, you know, catch some zees.

However, the next day, he had thrown a huge barbeque, complete with strippers, his guy friends whistling at the said strippers and the music blaring. So, I did what any sleep deprived sane person would do. I had marched over to his backyard wearing only underwear with a long loose Tee. I was too furious to put anything else on. When a guy in the party had asked if I was a stripper, I was filled with rage. I had started seeing red dots.

It was not funny.

When I saw him, he was standing next to a blonde model. Pushing my black hair over my shoulders, I stalked towards him, fully intending to murder him. Guys around him started backing off and I had glanced at them a bit confused. When I saw one of the guys fall on his knees and beg for mercy, I knew I looked fearless. How was I to know that it was Rob the Nut from two houses down? I was just plain mad to recognize anyone…except my target.

The blasted man had the guts to turn around and regarded me with amusement when he said, "Sorry, I've got her now. Maybe I'll do you after."

Target has spoken. Target therefore needs to be destroyed.

He even nodded at the blonde, who didn't have the decency to look embarrassed. Instead, she gave me a triumphant grin, as if to say, I-win.

Target's company is annoying. Needs to be destroyed as well.

I had crossed my arms and glared at him.

"I think you misunderstand. Hi, I'm your neighbour, Kate. I worked late last night, so if you don't mind, please turn the volume down? I really need my sleep." Here, I had given him a polite smile and pouty eyes. It had worked on men before.

He seemed momentarily surprised that I had been polite, but I should have known better than to have my hopes up, "Sorry, I do mind."


He was about to turn to his blonde model when I grabbed his arms and turned him around with a furious scowl on my face, "Listen Mister! I don't know who you think you are! But I'm here to tell you that if you don't stop this crappy party at this moment, I will have you arrested!"

He had the gall to smirk! "You can't arrest me. You're a guest here."

With that he had turned to his blonde biatch. I released a Xena (you know the warrior princess?) like scream, grabbed a knife and jumped him.

The rest, as is, said was history. I'm too embarrassed to even say it or well, type it.

Any way, back to the present time. So, I was gaping at the neighbour (whose name is Stanton McGraw, by the way). Only my gaze kept wandering his profile.

Not only that, but I just HAD to looked down there, at HIM! What was a girl supposed to do, a girl who wasn't innocent or embarrassed about sex? So, I um, gawked at him, which I hated when other men did that to me.

Yum. Yummy!

He was standing outside, near my window, completely naked. I'm talking butt naked, (he did have a cut butt).

Look away!

Although I only saw his back, my breath caught. He was not only an arrogant jerk, but also freaking hot. My coffee mug, which had been in my hand on the way to the sink, had paused and I stopped breathing.

I'll never admit to this later on, so here's my confession. I couldn't look away because I was spell bound by the man's sexiness.

Damn those feline instincts.

"My, my, my," I said, placing my hand to my heart. I had never dreamed of a man this hot. I went for the typical blonde haired, blue-eyed men. Mr. Naked was what any decent romance novel would describe as tall, dark and handsome.

Of course, he looked sleepy. His hair was tousled. Only then did he turn around towards my window did I feel that I was ready to faint.

He was BIG.

I won't go into more details than that. No, don't even beg.

Perhaps he felt my gaze on him, or something, because he suddenly looked my way. He too froze.

I should have looked away!

So, for about ten seconds we stared at each other before he gathered his wits. One would have thought that he would have tried to slink away, or glare at me, or something typical to what a man would do when his privacy is violated (by a girl who had tried to kill him). Oh, no, he didn't do anything of that sort.

He winked at me, grinning like he won a million bucks. His gaze went to my bosoms and he raised his eyebrows suggestively. He was issuing a challenge.

Ah! What! Did he want me to take my shirt off? Was he insane? It's all his fault! He shouldn't walk around the kitchen naked!

So what if it was his house? Why, that little…

Well…not so little but…

YUCK! Not going there!

So, flashing him the bird, and reluctantly, I closed my shutters.

Damn, but he was hot. Now I was tempted to go and jump him again. Only for quite different reasons.

Not funny. I shook my head and headed to my room. After making sure everything was set, and the image of someone completely naked was out of my head, I walked to my car.

About ten minutes later, I was trying to get my car started. The car sucked. It was of course my dream car, a neon green beetle, but the engine in it was horrible. My brother had warned me about it, but I was too… engrossed by its looks that I forgot his warning.

I should have listened. I never listen. What was wrong with me?

I was ready to start crying, because in about half an hour I had the interview. Slumping against the steering wheel, tempted to slam my head against it, I was ready to accept defeat.

"Need a lift?" A very masculine voice said next to my window. I jumped ten feet.

"Need to scare the shit out of me?" I replied back. I looked up to see Stanton. Licking my suddenly dry lips, I said, "Oh, it's you."

"It's me, Kate."

Surprised, I said, "You know my name?"

Say my name, say my name.

"Well, I am an FBI agent… plus when you got arrested…"

"Almost," I narrowed my eyes at him, silently accusing him.

"Right," He rolled his eyes, "When you attempted to kill me, I had to know who would dare do such a thing."

"Why? You don't get attacked much?" Realizing what a stupid question it was, I said immediately, "You have an accent."

It was true. He had a British accent. Go figure.

He grinned, and it took my breath away when I realized how boyish he looked. "And don't you find that rather sexy?"

"I never did like Brits." (Not true, I had a huge crush on Hugh Grant.)

"Right," he said, again. "Why don't you come along? You were just mumbling about an interview? With the FBI?"

"Yeah," I mumbled, grabbing my purse I stepped out. "My car sucks."

"I won't argue about that," he opened the passenger door for me, "Get in."

Wordlessly I walked in. He started the car, and off we were.

"So, what did you think of me this morning?"

I blushed. What the hell? I gaped at him, or well, I tried not to. Instead, I pretended to be absorbed in the passing scenery. Then I shook my head and turned to him, saying in the most fake-concerned voice, "I'm sorry. I think I misheard you."

Then I prayed that he wouldn't repeat his question. He did, with that damn grin.

When I refused to reply, and looked away from him, he said, "I always thought you were like a nymph."

"A nymph?" I turned to him, "I'm more partial to mermaids. Or, oh, if we want to get into mythology, I adored Hades."

"So, you like bad guys?"

"Not necessarily. As long as he's the bad guy who turns into a good guy in the end."

"Hmm…too cliché," he glanced at me in amusement, "Speaking of clichés, my next door neighbour."

"Yes, I know you live next to me."

I was purposely acting dense. How could I not, when Stanton was blatantly purred 'next door neighbour' and was giving me the 'I want you' look.

Not that I knew his specialized 'I want you' look…

He gave me an exasperated sigh before his grin became mischievous, "Well, if we're going to play it that way…"

"Play what?"

"Did I say play? I meant, foreplay."

Alright, this was getting out of hand.

"Okay, you can stop the car now…I'll find a taxi and go."


What did he say?


"I didn't stutter!" His patience seemed ready to dissipate. "You know I was really disappointed when you walked away. For a minute I really thought I had you."

"Had me for what? I'm not easy, Stanton." Crossing my arms over my chest, tears of humiliation began to slide down my cheek. Angrily, I wiped off my tears and turned to him, "Know what? I'm so sick of guys like you! Guys who think that I'm a brainless bimbo!"

"I never thought you were dumb. Quite the opposite, actually."

"I hate it when people look at my body, and think that's my personality! You probably would never have guessed that I used to be feminist!"

"To the contrary, I can see you protesting for rights," he grimaced, "Very vocally…and physically."

I ignored him and continued my rant; "I have a degree in Math! I am a detective! I have a mind! You know that girl that was missing for three years? The body was found last month? Guess who found the killer?"

"I could guess but I have a strange feeling that you're going to tell me."

"I did! And what do I get! I get fired!"

"Now, you're getting to the conclusion of your long tirade."

"So, please, if you're attracted to me because of the way I look, or what I have hidden under these layers of clothes, by all means, let me out and let me get a taxi to the interview!"

Suddenly the car swerved to the side, causing the other drivers to honk at us and swear while motioning at us as if we were crazy. I gave them a 'I think so' gesture. Stanton paid them no heed, as we bumped against the road and we were in the middle of the forest. Stopping the car, he took out the keys and sat looking outside.

Ouch, that burned. He really was just attracted to my body. He didn't give a damn about how I thought about things, or what I felt about him, nothing. He was like the rest of them.

I should seriously consider nunnery.

As I grabbed my purse, I opened the door. Just as I was about to step out, Stanton grabbed my arm.

"What are you going to do now? You're in the middle of nowhere, with no help nearby. As you have probably convinced yourself, I am like the rest of men you have dated. I can ravish you right here, right now. What would you do?"

Numbly, I looked up at his blue sapphire eyes. His usually tanned face seemed pale, and he looked ready to shoot someone. I hoped it wasn't me.

"If I told you, then you would know what I would do. Then you'll take advantage of that."

He nodded, "Good. So, now you recognize that you are in danger. My arm is sliding up your arm," and he did just that, "And I'm going to bring you closer until you could feel my very breath on that sensual, exotic mouth of yours."

I reacted. I had done it so many times, and since I was panicking, I did the only thing to protect myself. I took out my gun from my bag and pressed it against his stomach. "Then I would ask if you could kindly let go of me, and if you didn't I would shoot you. Would you like to test that theory?"

He let go of my arm and leaned against his window. Smiling now, his blue eyes warm he said, "I would be lying if I said that I am not attracted by your physique, Kate. True, I don't really know you well but so far, I am captivated by your anger and your intelligence. Most of all, I like your laugh, your smile. I'm not saying we should find the nearest motel and hump until...well, unless you want to. I'd just like to get to know you, Kate. What makes you tick, what makes you laugh? I'd like to get to know you."

Embarrassed now, I was left speechless. So I did what any girl in some jungle where she doubted a Tarzan would pop out to save the day, sitting next to man she tried to kill and did not know, who was proclaiming that he was attracted to that girl. I pretended not to understand what he just said. This is exactly what I did.

"Oh MY GAWD!" I exclaimed. "Would you look at the time? Dear me! I really have to go! Nice meeting you! But I really don't want to be late for my appointment."

Then I turned innocently to him and smiled sarcastically. His eyes narrowed and the smile disappeared. He pulled me close, ignoring the gun that rested against his stomach. I felt a shiver when his breath puffed into my ear as he whispered, "The war just begun."

As we got back to the highway, I couldn't help but echo his words.

The war had begun, indeed.

Author's Note:

A story I wrote long ago, posted up on fiction press and took it off. Ten chapters have been edited, so expect them in the following weeks. Let me know what you guys think of this chapter, or story in general. More mistakes? Let me know! I would completely appreciate it!