Gray Soul

by SweetEvil

Where have my colors gone?
I flounder helplessly in the drabness,
Churning away to exist.

All I have is nameless desire.
I'm just a gray soul with a gray life,
My murky world no bigger than my stifled mind.

I once had colors and conversed with creatures.
I once saw futures splintered to infinity.
I could soar to the sky on rainbow roads.

I try to run but you still find me.
I thought I could trust you.
But you're just another gray soul.

It's still inside me, a bright desire.
I want to watch it break through my gray shell,
Paint the world with my hidden colored light.

Please don't hold me again,
I'm just starting to break through my muddy little life.
I want to show you the colors hiding in my gray heart.

Gray God above, they're doing it again.
Punish me for my deceitful, colored heart.
Push me under the murky, cold ocean and hold me there until I drown.

I'm just a gray soul in this muddy world.
I thought you loved me.
But you're just another gray soul, drowning just like me.

I'll hold you while you drown and cry my gray tears for you.
You thought you loved me but I'm just a gray soul.
And I'll punish you for my horrible, colored heart.

I've learned that you've been bleeding off of me.
You've seen my hidden soul,
And you've wanted my colors for your own.

You can't rip my evil colors away,
So you feed of my hidden heart while holding me so tight.
Tell me again that you love me, gray soul.

While I struggle and fight my gray bonds,
You lap up my colored blood and rejoice.
You'll never see that I'd paint the world if you set me free.

I'm just a gray soul with a secret heart.
I feed you well with my colored tears.
Let me dye and I'll set you free.

I know "gray" and "color" was used a lot in this poem. I was trying to get certain feelings across, and hopefully you picked up on them. (Yep, I'm being vague, because I want you to come to your own conclusions about it.) Also, I used the word "dye" instead of "die" in the last sentence that way on purpose, a kind of play on words. Please let me know what you think! sweetevyl