Michelle looked across the hall. She was currently hiding behind a water fountain. She looked around nervously, her brown eyes darting from one side of the hall to the other, to her locker where he was. He was standing there, casual as could be, one back pack strap free, his blonde hair draped casually on his face. She sighed and then straitened up, there was no point in hiding. She strode up, trying to like mildly confident but she knew she probably looked scared. Who wouldn't be? Her locker was next to his. The most popular guy in school, Jeffery Orwin. The most eligible bachelor in East Clinton High. The guy that every girl had crushed on at least once. The guy that Michelle's best friend, Jenna, hated. He had thrown a tomato on her on her first musical and Jenna wasn't exactly ready to apologize. "He threw a damn tomato on me, Shell! That is inexcusable!" she would say, her bright green eyes practically flaming.

Michelle turned the lock on her locker, her combination memorized, but she had it written on her shoe in Chinese numbers just in case. Michelle was like that, her motto was, "Luck favors the prepared" from Edna Mode in TheIncredibles. She opened her locker and saw the cleanness of this locker that, luckily, didn't have porno pictures hanging on the walls. She got a locker like that once. It was so embarrassing to have to peal them off then smuggle them to the shredder. She couldn't just throw the despicable things away, could she? She had to feed them to the Paper Eater of Death as Cory had called.

Cory, the guy Michelle loved as a brother. Cory Livingston. Cory the second most eligible bachelor of East Clinton High. If you didn't like Jeff, then you liked Cory. That was the code that wasn't written. It seemed so odd that a girl like Michelle, plain Michelle, would be like a sister to Cory. But, the social system boundaries had been broken for these two. Michelle had liked Cory in eighth grade. She had even told him. But, being the kind soul that Cory was, he didn't scorn her or anything. They had become friends and then become best friends. Everyone had insisted that Cory liked Michelle. She knew very well that he didn't. Cory hadn't had a crush since freshman year. It was junior year now and Michelle was still secretly hoping that Cory and Jenna would get together. But, that wasn't really possible because Cory was Jeff's best friend. And anyone connected or had even touched Jeff, was contaminated, in Jenna's world.

Michelle put her books in her locker in a natural neatness that she knew wouldn't last a day. She put her magnetic mirror on the inside of the locker door. A mirror was a necessity in every girl's locker. Then she stuck the suction cup basket bellow the mirror where her brush and comb were located. In the back of her locker, she put a pouch where a female necessity that the opposite gender wasn't supposed to see was. She then closed her locker door and walked off, only to have a hand grab her shoulder. She gasped and whirled around to be face to face with none other then Jeff.

His blue eyes were staring into her brown eyes and she felt her face heat up, she backed out of his grip. "What do you want, Jeff?" asked him.

He looked like he was going to answer when a voice called, "Shelly, Jeff!"

Michelle gasped and whirled around again to see Cory heading down the hall. She ran up to him, stopped, conscious of everyone staring at her, and then thinking, What the hell? hugged him.

When they finally stopped hugging and making a spectacle of themselves, Cory went up to Jeff and did the guy hug thing and Michelle said to Cory, "I'll talk to you later, Sammy. I'm gonna go find Jen."

She walked off leaving the two guys looking at her. They heard the whispers of, "How does she get two guys like that?" "I'm so much better looking then her and she gets the two hottest guys!" "Look at her, she's so plain, what a dork."