Michelle found Jenna flirting with a guy named Darren. He was probably number 6 on the list of most eligible bachelors and if he was flirting back, then Jenna was in a threatening position of being Darren's 27th girlfriend. Michelle went up and tapped Jenna on the back, "Jen."

Jenna turned around and smiled, showing her pearly white teeth. Her green eyes were sparkling and her golden hair was pulled into a ponytail, curled where the ponytail started. "Shelly!" she yelled and hugged her friend.

Michelle laughed as they hugged and Jenna turned around and said to Darren, "I'll see you later, Darren." She smiled flirtatiously at him and he smirked in return. Michelle shook her head in light exasperation. Jenna had half the guy population wrapped around her finger, the other half she had dated and had gotten over her, but the two who didn't like her were Cory and Jeff. Jeff… well Michelle didn't know who Jeff liked and Cory just didn't like Jenna because he thought that she was a bitch for holding such a grudge against Jeff.

Jenna smiled happily while they linked arms and walked to homeroom. "I really like Darren. He's cute, caring, and really conscience of your feelings."

Michelle laughed and said, "The Three Cs."

Jenna grinned and said, "Of course, why wouldn't you like a guy with the Three Cs."

"Don't ask me," said Michelle as they walked into the classroom. The guys all looked up, staring at Jenna in a kind awe. Jenna smirked and waggled her fingers at them and Michelle rolled her eyes.

Jenna sat into her seat with a grace that Michelle had long ago stopped trying to achieve. Michelle simply plopped down. Jenna sighed and said, "Well enough about me, what about your love life, Shelly?"

Michelle shrugged, "You know me, stuff like that is rather inexistent."

Jenna sighed again and said, "Honestly, Shelly, you can't expect to remain to never having a boyfriend for the rest of your life, can you?"

"Not for the rest of my life. Just until I find the right guy." Explained Michelle.

"But how do you not find the right guy when you don't even look? That's what dating's all about. Fishing for the right fish. You're sixteen and have never had a boyfriend. That has to change soon." Jenna said. She had been talking about Michelle needing a boyfriend since they were both fourteen and she had gotten her first boyfriend. Occasionally Michelle would go with Cory on a double date with Jenna and her boyfriend for moral support but they both knew that it meant nothing. Once, Jenna had suggested Cory but Michelle had immediately shot down the idea. "He's my best friend! How could I go out with him?" she had exclaimed with exaggerated hand motions.

"I'll think about it," Michelle said, not for the first time.

Jenna sighed yet again and didn't have time to argue because the teacher had stepped into the room. She was a middle-aged plump lady with already grey hair and a slightly wrinkly face. But she was the best homeroom teacher, considering that she gave you study guide in which you could actually talk, saying that the class would talk anyways and there was no use to get worked up.

"Well class, welcome back. There are a few announcements. The first one is dealing with the drama club. Jenna Anderson has created a musical, good job Jenna, in which auditions will be in the auditorium after school. The sign up sheet is on the bulletin boards around the school and if you want to sign up then please do. The second one is regarding sports. Sign up for water polo, tennis, football, and cross country will also be on the bulletin boards. Try outs will be next week on Monday. The third one is about your electives. You have to do at least two electives if you want to continue in student council. That's all, now you can just talk for a while. Homeroom ends in ten minutes." She said.

Michelle groaned. "I don't want to do two electives! I'm already doing tennis and I suck at art. What do I do?"

"Sign up for drama. We need a lead role because I'll be directing the whole business," said Jenna, smiling hopefully at Michelle.

"Well, I'll think about it. Can you show me the script?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah sure, but I got the plot from one of your discarded stories. You know, the romance about Anna and James? The one where Anna's like Ms. Dork and James is like, Mr. Popular?" said Jenna.

"Hmm… Oh that one! I'm glad some of my thrown away stories could be of use. Well… If I'll be playing Anna then maybe." Said Michelle, finger on her chin.

"Great! Sign up and I'll see you after school. It's also a musical but I know that it'll be a breeze because I've heard you sing." Said Jenna, a big smile replacing the puppy dog eyes that she had earlier.

"What?!" shrieked Michelle, causing the class to look at her. "When!?"

"Remember when you were practicing for the talent show that you eventually didn't do?" Jenna said, innocent expression.

Michelle sighed and muttered, "You bitch."

Jenna laughed and said, "I'll see you then." And slung her back pack on her back and pranced off to Art 4.