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Chapter 4

Michelle had felt Jeff's eyes on her for a long time. She tried to ignore it, but that inquiring look that he was giving her was making her face turn red. Luckily they were in the back room where it was dark, waiting for their turn.

She finally turned and hissed, "Stop staring."

He seemed taken back. Probably expected me to swoon or something thought Michelle dryly.

Jeff was called on to the stage before Michelle. Michelle peered out, surprised that the guy could actually act and sing pretty well. Jenna seemed surprised also. If the other guys kept auditioning like they had been, Jeff would get the part.

Michelle was finally called out. She walked onto the stage and Jenna gave her a reassuring smile. Michelle smiled weakly back. Then she wondered if she really wanted this. Jeff would probably get the main guy part and she knew that she was a better singer then all those other girls who only came because they saw Jeff's name on the sign up sheet. She sighed; this wasn't about Jeff, she told herself, it's about student council.

She opened her mouth and started singing.

Jeff's POV

I jumped off the stage, ready to leave when I heard Michelle get called out. I sat in one of the chairs, ready to listen to her, wondering what she would sound like. Of course, it wasn't like I was interested, it was just something to do.

She came out, hesitating a little. Jenna smiled at her and Michelle smiled weakly back, as if to say, I feel sick. He seriously doubted that she would get it. He knew that Jenna was biased, but if she looked that nervous, then she probably wasn't a very good singer. She was probably just like all those girls who only signed up because they saw my name on the list.

I rolled my eyes, stupid fangirls. Then Michelle opened her mouth to sing. Her voice was rather soft at first, but then she seemed to gain confidence and started singing the Duke Ellington song "Don't Get Around Much Anymore." The song described the main girl character, Anna, as Jenna explained. She was outspoken and was the crush of many nerds and secretly, James, the Golden Boy of her high school.

Missed the Saturday dance,

Heard they crowded the floor;

Couldn't bear it without you,

Don't get around much anymore

Been invited on dates,

Might have gone but what for?

Awf'lly dif'rent without you,

Don't get around much anymore.

They people trying out were supposed to sing the short one. Michelle's voice seemed very suited for jazz music. She put a kind of swing on it and it sounded really good. He wondered what it would be like performing with her because there were some duets.

Jenna smiled cheerfully and called everyone who auditioned out. I got up and stood next to Michelle who seemed very embarrassed.

"That was good," I whispered to her.

She looked up at him, eyebrow raised. When she realized that I was sincere a small smile graced her lips and she seemed, amazingly enough, mildly pretty, "Thanks."

Jenna cleared her throat and said, "Thank you for auditioning everyone. But, for those who didn't get the part and only signed up because Jeff was, just go away, because I have no time for fangirls." She looked pointedly at a group of giggling girls and they stopped giggling and walked out of the auditorium, flipping their hair at Jenna who just rolled her eyes.

"So," she continued, "the part of John, James's best friend goes to Austin Pray. The part of Melanie, Anna's best friend, goes to Christine Leong. The part of Anna goes to Michelle Rye. The part of James goes to Jeff Orwin. The minor parts will be posted tomorrow on the bulletin board. Thank you for coming. Oh and Michelle and Jeff, I would like to speak to you two."

Everyone left but Jenna, Michelle, and me. Michelle went up to Jenna and said, "How'd I do?"

Jenna rolled her eyes and said, "Shelly, if you didn't do well, you wouldn't have the part."

Michelle sighed and said, "Jen, you're biased."

I blinked. No one had ever stood up to Jenna Lanchester. No one. She just laughed and said, "Honestly, Shell, you would have to have some talent even for me to suggest you sign up. And seriously, you were great."

Michelle seemed satisfied and asked, "So, what'd you want to talk to us 'bout?"

"I want you two to practice lines together. Now, Michelle, I know that you don't especially like dear Jeff here, but neither do I. And Jeff, I know that you don't like to… mingle with un-blonde un-bimbo people, but just deal with it. Arrange something."