The Decision Game

I can feel them

Bearing me down under their weight

The spirits of light and dark

Like two momentous, living, breathing mountains

As I lay in the valley of their shadow

Plagued by indecision

Where shall I turn?

Where should I go?

I want to know the truth about…

Who am I?

Who can tell me?

Are we the products of our parents or our past?

My flesh tears, My bones crack

My soul shatters not a thousand translucent shards

I could not stand the pressure

I could not fight my way free

I paused, I stagnated, I died

The law of the jungle, the theory of evolution

Survival of the fittest, the fastest, the best

Survival of the one who always knows what to do,

I didn't know, couldn't make a decision

And now I shall lie throughout time

A small bloody smear under the rubble

The rubble of two mountains, one white, one black,

Now the two are mixed together, the line is blurred

What is right? What is wrong?

Better chose fast or indecision will kill you too

No time to think, to wait, to ponder

You only have one hundred years; it's all too little too late

No free man, no retries, because you already spent your ninth life

And now it's all come to