The Last Laugh

When you mock my writing,

You mock my soul, and all that I am


You reveal to me your own flaws

You allow me to mock you

But I do not do it openly

For that is your weakness, not mine

I am better than you

And when you mock me

You prove it with your every word

Better than I ever could

That you are weak and foolish

But I am not mad

Rather, I mourn for you

And hope that one day you will be better

I doubt it will happen, but there is always hope

And you can never really know can you?

Perhaps one day you will be lucky

And find a form of true expression

And then you too will be above the mocking of others

For that is true strength of writers, and our kin, of creators as a whole

Our pain makes us stronger

So mock me if you will

In the end it will help me far more than it will hurt.