I long to be a wanderer…

Wandering without a care in this world,

Not looking for anything.

But because I'm me

I'm letting it come to me.

I am a bitten apple…

Just like any other apple

With no special coloring.

But because I'm me,

The same set of teeth that bit

Into me did so differently.

I am a tree…

A tall tree on a foggy day;

A young tree in an old forest.

But because I'm me,

I have deep roots,

Yet I can be blown away.

I am a bird…

That longs to be part of the flock;

That flies low and high.

But because I'm me

I will fight with my beak and claws

Even if the tips are blunt.

I'm a delusional person out in the streets,

I'm a sane person held in the asylum.

I am not sense,

I make no sense,

Yet everything else makes sense

Because I'm me.