AN: Okay I am sorry about this I wanted this to be set out into verses with spaces after particular lines but that wouldn't work for some reason...Anyway despite that I hope you like this, and any reviews will be warmly appreciated and returned - thanks for reading!

Would You?

If I needed help

Would you be there?

Would you come to my aid

If I needed your care?

If I wanted some laughs and to chat

Would you answer my call?

Would you help me out my bad place

If ever I began to fall?

If you received some of my wrath

Deserving or no, would you forgive?

Would you support me if I felt down

Perk me up and offer that lift?

If I asked you for honesty, which meant something I disliked

Would you tell me the truth and not lie instead?

Would you ease my pain by any means

Should my stomach feel like lead?

And if someone else tried to break us apart

Could you honestly remain true to my heart?

Would you remain with me forever, pure and true

Like true friends should do…you to I and I to you?

If ever by distance we are broken apart would you picture me there

There with you where I belong, the good, the bad times that we share?

Would you promise me you will always care if I also promised that to you

And told you, you are a true friend and that I love you, like only true friends do?

If you should ever leave my side, heartbroken I shall be

For you are my true friend and forever and always will you remain with me.