You're my friend when we're not in a crowd

but with your friends

you won't look at me

you're lips move, but you won't speak aloud

to the goth

the freaky girl in black

the outsider.

The one who is DIFFERENT than you.

If my personality changed the color of my skin it would be racisim.

If my clothes were attached to me, to you, it would be a deformity.

If a friendship is about sticking up for one another, than I guess we are no more.

But I'll still stick up for you when they call you a whore.

When your "friends" talk about you behind your back to me

I'll never let them see

that I really think the same

Because you were my friend once

and even if it was only for a short while

I'll remember it for your sake.

I hope you're happy, social climber

I lie for you

and you

ignore me

because I guess we're friends.