Just For Today…

Just for today, I will let the evils of the world wash over me like a wave, except I will not allow the foam of hatred to linger on the shore of my soul.

Just for today, I will pretend I am not caught in this endless night that is cold, that is lonely, that is desolate, for today I will turn on the light and banish my demons of darkness.

Just for today, I will pretend I am immune to the plagues of the world, for today the devil cannot tempt me with his words of evil, his words of greed, his words of hate.

Just for today, I will hate to be sad, I will hate to let my being be consumed with the comfort of the tears that rip my heart, that make me come back, back to the familiar feelings of darkness when I promise myself I will cry no more.

Just for today, I will laugh, really laugh!, as if my laughter could crack through the shell that has encompassed my world.

Just for today, I will smile, for maybe my smile could, like sunlight, bring color to my drab and gray existence.

Just for today, I will love, for the stitches on my heart have had time to heal and, as careful as a surgeon, I need remove them, for they are my bindings to my eternal hell.

Just for today, I will forget the pain of the past, for I long to feel again the wonders of innocent ignorance and the joy of starting anew, free of yesterday.

Just for today I will be happy.

And with that I was reborn.