I'm the kind of girl that

Steps back

Background, scenery

I'll be the observer, never the observed

Don't look at me

Life's much better when I'm not living it

I know when something's bigger than me

Most everything is

Bigger than me

I have trained myself since childhood

To be humble

Nobody cares how you feel, really

And so I decided to do nothing but care

About how people feel

And never let anyone


How much I feel

You can't hurt me if I never let you in


Is something I will never be

I will never try to pull that card

I may be inexperienced

But I will never be naïve

I'm one of those girls

Always on my guard


You can't climb

I'm the kind of person

Give you everything

Except myself

I will never be disappointed

If I never ask for anything

Nothing can hurt me

If I just don't give a fuck

I will never lose

If I never compete

I will never run out of breath

If I never chase after what I want

I am stone

I am immovable

I am unscarred

I am one hundred percent free of regret

I have never fucked up. Ever.

And I dare you

Dare you

Dare you

To change me.