January 43
By: L. Lazuli

I must be dreaming...Or just plain dead.

With those clear blue skies...Surely, I am in paradise!

An angel with brown hazelnut eyes...Is smiling brightly at my side.

Her voice, a melodious harp playing….Lulls me softly to gentle sleep,

Oh, if this would only be but a dream...Then I wouldn't dare wake up.

Even if I was told that it's already oh so late, yet still I would wait!

Would you believe if I told you I'd die for you or I miss you?

Things are on my mind like love or something like it…

And thoughts that both you and I can only imagine

Sadly, I am blinded. What is the truth and real?

Have I really lost you? What should I feel?

Am I really just stupid or I can't see?

I am still burdened with the thought

That would you ever love…

Someone like…