You Left Me This Way

Youth and sign crying eyes, two babies are born one girl one boy playing with toys. Live and dream don't it seem. These babies are grow into teens, girlfriend and boyfriend they fall in love, sex and love, they break up one gone the other hurts.

Don't you know this pain I wish would be the love shared between you and me? But you left me this way, you left, you left me this way. Don't you know my soul need you so, my heart love you so, my mind need to be whole. But you left me this way, you left, you, you left me this way.

Darken eyes live and die, college is done, we have a son, Jesus love us all the time. You work too much and God it hurts, when these no kiss or hug. I'll never leave our family, so don't you say I don't love you or our son woman please.

Now the kids are gone and we're left alone, the signs, the times, the long kiss goodnight. Now you die and how I cried. What am I to do without you? I pray to God how I love you and I can't live my life without you.

By Ronald