Only One More Time.

If she starred into his eyes only one more time,
He might just fall in love and take her stare as a sign
That the touch of her hand and the feel of her breath
Is enough to give love to the blind and the deaf.

If she gave him a peck only one more kiss
It's enough to give him a feeling, a feeling to miss
And if she left that day and that peck was goodbye
Then the feeling takes over and he might just cry
But to see her again is a natural high
But to banish her completely is enough to die.

If he could just hold her only one more time,
Then she might be happy and take his hold as a sign
That the warmth of his hug and the grasp of his arms
Is enough to triumph over Casanovas charms.
And if she misses his touch sat separate on the couch
Then she might just use his lap as a pillow as she slouched
And he'll stroke her hair gently and gently put her to sleep
And she'll dream of the man who understands her feelings deep.

If they could be together only one more time
They might just make love and take this action as a sign
That closeness they feel is enough to be real
And if one faces denial they should stop this small trial
But the feelings remain just as strong as before
One keeps them hidden the other wants more
And the one who wants more faces hiding a chore
And the one who keeps hidden makes their feelings forbidden
'Til the feelings renew and they both understand
The meaning of love and the purpose of the stand.