My emotions I must put aside

I want to run and hide

I want to do what's right

I want to say good night

These feelings I must fight

But I hold on tight

To a dream

That's what it seems

I can't anticipate

Because it much to late

I must get up to date

On my bordered hate

Is this may fate?

Please say 'no'

Please don't go

Because I miss you so

And the feeling grows

And If I ignite I may explode

And you'll get caught in the cross fire

Caught in the cross fire

Jealousy is a flaw of mine

If I feel it one more time

I'll have crossed the line

Cut the vine

Things won't be fine

But you shine

Like the sun

And you're my only one

You are so much fun

And when things are done

I won't make you run

But you won

Can you see?

You are free

And this was meant to be

You will find the key

And open the door

To live happily

With me?