I'm caught within the web
I'm twisting turning can't get out
I'm lost inside your eyes
A web of lies
A web of promises
Of hopes and dreams
Just bursting at the seams

The spider comes to slaughter
To control and to hold me
To create a false reality

I lay my head down
No hope in fleeing
I'm broken down
And hardly breathing

Your eyes hold me still
A single thread bound between us
Taunt and rigid
And so close to breaking

I'm falling in again
The web has caught me once again
I wait for death
I wait for something
I feel the tension
Creeping in
The never ending silence
Eating at my skin

And I feel like I'm about to surrender
I feel I'm about to break
To stop fighting
And stop believing
But when theres no hope left
I'll recreate your eyes
And surrender once again