Shizuka looked at her twin Kohaku and smiled warmly at him. He quickly looked away from her, causing her to frown as they looked towards a large two-story house. The gardens around it were immense and filled with different flowers and trees, including the ever so famous cherry tree. Kohaku looked at his twin and she squeezed his hand warmly. She smiled as they waited for the gate to swing open by an automatic swinger and continued on. Several caseworkers followed them with several of the kids' suitcases in their hands and arms. They all walk towards the house once it was clear and towards a woman standing, leaning against the railing of the porch with her arms crossed.

The woman wore a pink tank top with blue jeans and house slippers on her feet. She had short brown hair and hazel blue eyes. She had a cigarette hanging in her mouth and she had this bored expression on her face. She seemed like she wasn't thrilled, when in fact, she couldn't be happier to be the guardian of her long lost sister's children. Kohaku moved closer to his twin for comfort and some of her confidence. She looked to him and nodded. He huffed and placed a confident smile on but in truth he was far from it.

As they continued onwards, Shizuka leaned down towards her twin's ear. "It'll be ok, now, Haku-Kun," she whispered. "Aunt Sumi will take good care of us and won't let anything happen to us. No more hitting or fighting from now on. No more anything from Dad really. We are safe from him."

He looked at her questionably. "You're sure?"

She nodded, smiling. "Yeah, and it'll be me protecting you for awhile, Haku-Kun." She saw his weird face when she said that. "At least until you're comfortable with yourself." She ruffled his hair as they reached the porch.

He smiled at his sister then looked at the woman in front of him. Kohaku and his sister are identical twins even if they are boy and girl. It wasn't at all that common that it should happen but they were. They both had glistening crystal blue eyes and long black hair, down to mid-back. Shizuka wore a white t-shirt and shorts that stopped mid-thigh. Kohaku wore a green shirt with a white star on it and shorts that stopped mid-calf. They both wore black skater shoes and Kohaku had his skateboard under his right arm where as Shizuka stood on his left.

The woman, who they knew to be Sumi, took a long drag of her cigarette and pulled it out of her mouth. She sighed as she looked down then back up at them with happiness in her eyes.

"Well," she said, "I'm your mother's sister Sumi. I'm so glad to see you for the first time since you were born." She had tears in her eyes, but she quickly shook it away. "I hope that I can accommodate you two and that what ever happened might be placed in the past. It is not too bad to do that is it?" She looked at the two caseworkers behind them and who just shrugged. Sumi then looked back at the twins.

Shizuka placed a hand on her brother's shoulder, speaking for them. "Thank you, Aunt Sumi. We do want to put all of this behind us if we can. I know I do, but Kohaku however, I'm not so sure, but at least with us being away from our father and that house, we might be able to."

Sumi smiled warmly and nodded her head while she put out her cigarette. "I understand completely, Shizuka." She walked down the four steps and hugged Kohaku and Shizuka. "Just to let you all know," she said, releasing them, "if you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm always here for you. I'm here to even give you a shoulder to cry on."

Shizuka let a few tears fall down her cheeks. "Thank you, Aunt Sumi." She sniffed. "We really appreciate it."

Sumi hugged the two and then stood up. "How old are you?" she asked. "I kind of lost count of the years…"

"Ten," Kohaku answered, shyly.

Sumi smiled at him. "Well, then, we have ten years to catch up then, don't we?" She walked with them up the stairs of the porch and into the house with each hand on their shoulders.

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