Chapter 5

Kohaku sat on the couch, cuddling up against Taka, watching a movie. It was the Corpse Bride and they were enjoying each other's company. It was close to five when they put in another movie and sparks started to fly between them.

"Taka," Kohaku started, turning his face up to his lover after the second movie was ending, "how come you chose me?"

Taka looked at him as Kohaku sat up and looked at Taka in the eye. "Hmm," Taka said, "that was so out of the blue, Haku-Chan." Taka nuzzled Kohaku's cheek with his nose. "Because of your personality. You, your self. I find you so irresistible that it hurts sometimes." Taka leaned down and kissed Kohaku's lips. He nibbled on Kohaku's lip, causing the smaller boy to moan. He straddled Taka's lap, letting Taka enter his mouth as he grasped Taka's hard erection between them. Taka's hips thrusted against Kohaku's hand as he took off Kohaku's shirt. They broke their kiss for a moment as their shirts was thrown aside and Taka picked up Kohaku, keeping his legs about his waist. He took the smaller boy up the stairs, stopping to kiss him, leaning against the wall for balance, wanting to take the boy right for his first time.

"Which is your room, Haku?" Taka growled as Kohaku touched his chest, taking a perk nipple in his mouth. The Goth moaned and continued up the stairs, revealing in how light the smaller boy was in his arms.

"Turn right and it's the first one on your left," Kohaku stated, looking up at Taka, before smashing his lips to Taka's again.

Taka banged the door open with his foot, seeing as it was partially open, then he closed it. Taka then placed Kohaku's feet on the floor and pulled his head closer to him, deepening the kiss. Kohaku's hands threw down to Taka's pants, unzipping it, gasping when he noticed that he had on no boxers and allowing the hard evidence of Taka's desire to fly freely. Taka groaned in Kohaku's mouth as Kohaku's hand wrapped itself around his erection. Taka undid the ponytail of his black haired lover, letting his hair flow freely. The blond then touched his young lover's chest, remembering every inch with his fingers. He then let Kohaku kneel down in front of him, feeling every inch of Taka's chest. He gasped when Kohaku blew on his erection before taking it into his mouth. Taka's hand rounded themselves in Kohaku's black hair, enjoying the feeling of his mouth around him. Kohaku's hand went to Taka's sack, massaging it with his magical fingers. Taka rode out his orgasm, filling inside Kohaku's mouth. Fire and desire leaped from Kohaku to Taka as Kohaku looked up at Taka, licking his lips, and causing the blond to go hard again. Taka stood the boy up and undid his pants, wanting to give him his just deserts. The boxers flew off as well as the pants and Taka pushed Kohaku onto his bed where he fell on top of Kohaku's small frame, licking and biting his lover's chest. Taka took a perk nipple into his mouth and sucked hard before giving it a thorough cleaning job with his tongue. Kohaku moaned, his erection painfully seeking solace until Taka's hand found its way to it.

"Taka!" Kohaku moaned just as the Goth kissed him hard, exploring every inch of Kohaku's mouth.

"Yum!" Taka stated, before looking at the boy's clouded eyes. He then kissed down to the black haired boy's naval where he breathed on the dark curls before going lower where he replaced his hand with his mouth. Kohaku gasped as his hips bucked against Taka's mouth, hands finding their way to the blond hair and held on. Kohaku's passion and lust jumped to new heights, soon, getting joined with Taka's. Taka grasped Kohaku's hips, bringing the hips to a new rhythm at a faster pace and harder. Kohaku moaned and soon filled Taka's mouth with his own seed but Taka was far from being finished, his own erection demanding attention again. Taka moved back up and kissed Kohaku thoroughly. He then sucked on two of his fingers when they broke apart before moving down towards Kohaku's opening.

"Be ready for me, Haku," Taka said, pushing first one then another finger into Kohaku's opening, preparing Kohaku for what was coming next. Kohaku winced and thrusted against Taka's fingers, wanting it to be Taka's cock, and then moaned when Taka found his sweet spot.

"Your cock, now!" Kohaku hollered. Taka grinned at his lover, taking his fingers out from him. Taka then found lotion on Kohaku's bed stand. He poured some in his hand, flung the bottle to the floor near them and rubbed the lubricant on his erection. Once finished, Taka pushed Kohaku's legs apart and placed the head of his cock at Kohaku's opening, waiting for any protests. Kohaku rolled his eyes, grabbed Taka's hips and thrusted against him, wincing when Taka entered him. Taka kissed Kohaku's neck, then moved to his mouth, waiting for Kohaku to adjust to his size. Once satisfied, Taka moved at a slow pace, kissing Kohaku's chest and sucking first one nipple then the other. Soon, Taka's pace got faster and harder, wanting to bury himself in Kohaku to his very soul. Kohaku yipped when Taka found his sweet spot again, his fingernails digging into Taka's back. Soon, they climaxed. Taka thrusted hard and deep one last time before spilling inside of Kohaku. They laid in the bed, spent and truly happy. Taka lifted out from Kohaku and laid beside him, pulling his young lover to him. They fell asleep like that and that was how Shizuka found them when she got home.

Kohaku was the first one to wake up that morning and smiled when he felt himself wrapped in the arms of the person he cared for most. It was Saturday and was glad of it. Shizuka would be off with Riku and Sumi would be at work. He curled closer to Taka, enjoying himself and the memory free morning. He was truly glad that he had found this man and loved everything about him. The soft icy blue eyes, the strong muscles holding him with exquisite care, the tenderness of his voice when he talked to him, everything about him mattered to Kohaku. Taka then started to wake up, groggily and not realizing where he was. He looked around him and then at the person in his arms and looked at him speechless. Kohaku turned to look at him, smiling at his lover.

"Good morning," Kohaku said.

"Huh?" Taka asked. "Where am I? Who are you?"

Now that hurt Kohaku and he sat up, looking at Taka sadly as the Goth rubbed his eyes to clear it. Taka then grinned and pulled Kohaku down to kiss him. Kohaku started to protest but went with it. It was when they broke apart did Kohaku speak.

"So now you recognize me," he said, smiling at the warmth of the kiss.

"Huh?" Taka raised an eyebrow then he hit his forehead with his hand. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Haku-Chan."

"You're not a morning person are you, Taka." It was more so a statement then a question.

Taka groaned and covered his eyes with his arm. "Yeah, I'm not. I have this thing my sister loved to call Morning Forgetfulness. It's where for a period of time when I would forget everything until I woke up more." Kohaku laid his head on Taka's chest, a little sadly. Taka felt the change within him. "What's the matter, Haku?"

"Well, you keep mentioning a sister," he started, then looking up at his lover, "and I would have loved to meet her."

Taka grinned at Kohaku. "Is that what's bugging you?" He kissed Kohaku's forehead. "I'll take you to her today if you want."

"Today?" Kohaku asked, literally beaming.

"What you had plans for this weekend?" Taka teased.

"No. If I did it mainly consisted of video games and lazing around."

"Well then a day with Taka will get you moving." Taka smiled at him then flipping them over with him on top. "But first Little Taka needs some attention."

Kohaku giggled, feeling Taka's erection against his skin. "Fine, we'll take care of him first." Taka didn't have to be told twice. He kissed Kohaku and showed him just how much he loved him. It was the start of the many memory free days to come for Kohaku.

Later, Taka took Kohaku out on the boardwalk where they had the time of their lives. There was a fair there and they rode the rides and played a few games. Of course, Taka paid for it all and Kohaku was starting to wonder where he got all of his money from. Kohaku though soon forgot that as they continued to have a fun filed Saturday. Taka took him on the many rides and the one that he particular took his young lover on was the Ferris wheel where the ride stopped with at the top. Of course, Taka did not know that Kohaku was scared of heights. Kohaku looked down and started to shake and looked very scared. Taka looked at him worriedly and tried to get Kohaku to come down.

"Kohaku, just calm down," Taka said, trying to hold on to his young lover. "Nothings going to happen to you."

"Get me down, Taka!" cried Kohaku. "I'm scared!" He tried to get out of Taka's arms and to the sides.

Taka held on, not letting him go. "Haku, it's ok. I've got you."

"Damn it, Taka! I'm scared of heights!" Taka chuckled at him.

"Is that what it is?"

Kohaku clung to Taka. "Yes," he squeaked.

"Then I'm just going to have to hold you and kiss you." And he did. He held on to Kohaku and kissed him deeply. That got Kohaku's mind off things and they were able to move down towards the earth with out anything happening. Taka broke apart from his young lover, just as their car pulled to a stop down at the bottom. Taka grinned at his young lover and pulled on his hand to get him to follow him out of it and unto something else.

Kohaku grinned from ear to ear at the Goth, clearly enjoying his free time with him. Taka took him to a vendor and bought two boxes of Cracker Jacks and stood off to the side, overlooking the ocean around them. Kohaku sighed enjoying his popcorn and more importantly, his nearness to Taka. He moved closer to the Goth, allowing the blonde to put an arm around him to pull him close. The younger boy smiled up at his lover, before moving close to kiss the blond's lips briefly.

"Thank you," he murmured contently to Taka.

Taka raised an eyebrow but smiled and said, "You're welcome."

Kohaku smiled brighter and then looked down at his box of popcorn. He then pulled out his prize that always comes in Cracker Jacks and opened it. He groaned, frowning when he found out that it was just a pencil topper. Taka smiled, knowing something that Kohaku didn't. Kohaku looked up at Taka and then Taka's own box of Cracker Jacks.

"What prize did you get?" he asked, pointing towards the box in Taka's hands.

Taka grinned from ear to ear, like the Cheshire cat. "Oh, my prize?" he asked, looking down at his box. He moved his hand from around Kohaku and started to pull out his prize. "Close your eyes first and hold out your left hand."

Kohaku looked at him suspiciously but followed what he was told to do all the same. He kept them closed just until he felt something on his ring finger and he opened them to look down at his hand. He gasped, seeing a small silver band around his finger. He looked up at Taka, questionably, waiting for Taka's answer to the question floating in the air. Taka smiled at him, still holding onto Kohaku's hand.

"My prize," Taka answered, "if you would be so kind to answer, is knowing that you are mine for the rest of our lives. This ring is a promise that I'll always be there for you no matter how harsh things get, how harsh your past is and how bad our future gets. This ring is a form of my intense love for you, should you choose to except it and me. I love you, Nakamura Kohaku, and will for the rest of my life, if you will have me."

Tears formed in Kohaku's eyes as he looked from Taka, then the ring and back again. "I.. I.. accept your promise, Taka," he answered. "I want you as much as you want me." He tried so hard to tell Taka that he loved him back, but a faint memory from the day his father betrayed his trust and had raped him came to him but he couldn't remember the full details.

Taka didn't seem to mind at all that Kohaku didn't tell him that Kohaku loved him, or he chose not to notice it. He could see the love Kohaku felt for him in his eyes and the tears that started to fall from them. Taka pulled Kohaku close, kissing him deep. He felt like his heart was singing and he wanted to savor that time with his lover when he had asked for him to be his for all time. Taka then pulled apart from the kiss and looked at his flushed lover. He smiled down at the younger boy.

"Let's get going, shall we?" Taka asked holding out his arm towards Kohaku.

Kohaku giggled. "Yes, we should," he answered taking the arm that was offered him. Taka ushered the younger boy towards the black car. Both of them was unaware that there was two pairs of eyes watching them. One was green and with full of hatred and lust for the black haired boy. The other was crystal blue and was concerned and worried that something terrible would happen to the younger boy.

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