. e/ g.drei (or, -so little brain space, so much to remember-)

i'm tired of the same old days over and over again.

so tired, in fact, that i can't sleep.

just sitting at my desk

in a catatonic state

of disrepair

as i feel myself atrophy

with radioactive decay.

loosing alpha particles,

shunning beta, and shedding gamma rays,

bouncing in and out, around and through,

and all those other prepositions i neglect to mention.

how long do you think my half life is?

and, if displayed on a scatter plot,

would causation for my frustration be clear?

i wonder what descartes would say

('cogito ergo sum of course'; gee, that's helpful)

and oh, i wish that once and a while

solfedge wouldn't be so hard to remember

and, chromatically speaking, scales wouldn't be

quite so dizzying.

society screaming conformity, especially during

drill cleaning (dress!dress!dress!check that form!), and i feel like such a

holden Caulfield character when i think that

you are all such phonies,

but so is holden, that hypocrite,

so i'll fall back into the monotonous cadence

( . .dut.·.dut.·.dut.·.·.·.dut.·.dut.·.dut.·.·.·.dut.·.dut.·.dut.·.·.·…)

of cartesian histograms of ionic compounds

and hum a concert f.

a/n- i'm so over life right now. i wrote this a week ago when i felt better... it was fun. thanks for reading! -xan