A/N: I wrote this poem for my friend who recently had a baby.

Welcome, Elizabeth, as fair as the rose,
Here's to your health, your ten fingers and toes
May your eyes shine with life and with laughter and mirth
While you live all your days, unconcerned, on God's Earth

Welcome, Elizabeth, to Mother's arms.
Watch as she falls in love with your charms
In her you can trust and always be sure
That her love for you will ever be pure.

Welcome, Elizabeth, daddy's little girl,
More precious than silver, than diamonds or pearls
His joy in you grows for every hour you live
The best gift of all to him did God give.

Welcome, dear heart, such excitement you've brought
Since October then winter and now end of spring
Elizabeth Rose has been on each line of thought
You've now come from Heaven upon downy wing
Of angels in chorus who for you they did sing.

Welcome, Elizabeth, to this your new world
Your fingers around your good fortune are curled
Life, it will push, and yes, it will shove
But above all you do, just remember to love.