Every time I feel afraid I imagine that you're here,

Every time I need a hand I envisage that you're near,

Every time I see a smile I think it's from your face,

And every time I need you, you leave without a trace.

Every time I cry, you're there to wipe away my tears,

Every time I scream, you're the one who fights my fears,

Every time I know, it's all just in my frantic head,

And every time you walk on by I put you next to me instead.

Every time I see you I want you to confess your love,

Every time I ache for you want intervention from above,

Every time I hurt and bleed I imagine you heal me,

Every time I need a lover's lie I get an apology.

Every time I'm down your memory pulls me up,

Every time I'm misunderstood your gaze it is enough,

Every time I realise I can never have you, I cry,

But you are my armour, and without you I'd die.