As I lay dying

With excellent precision

I make my decision

and try to convey it to you

it's up to you what to do

as I'm not one for opening my mouth

and letting nonsense spill out

So all that I've said that's daring

you had better listened, caring

so that you'll know exactly what to do

long after i've left you:

Let not one foul word escape your lips

keep diligent watch of your fingertips

if you make her cry, than hold her

If you do not, life will be colder

When she calls for you, come

When she wants you, succumb

Hold her, keep her, love her as you did me

And at night when you're in bed

let dreams of me fill your head

not of my death but of my life

while laying next to your sleeping wife

And never, ever let her know

that you ever loved me so

And when it's day, then kiss her brow

Forget me then. Live happy now