And that red ribbon on your wrist

rises for all to see

just as bad as that gun you kissed

but then threw out to sea

It looks like you'll carry it out this time

lying there and bleeding on the floor

you might really die this time

The cuts went deeper than your core.

Maybe if she'd said she was sorry

If the bitch had pretended to care

and never taken him in the first place

you wouldn't be lying there

Staining the carpet with crimson

broken promises and hate

with her face shamelessly laughing at you

and this twisted turn of fate

Now come to me, you're at death's door

they won't find you here, in dark of night

take my hand and cry no more

I'll wipe them from your sight.

Oh my sweet, sweet suicide angel

I welcome you with extended arm

into the black where stars do dangle

Where none can do you harm

Take my hand, step on through

I'll stay here and guard the gate

Nevermind all that's behind you

The reaper will protect you from senseless hate.