Ok, I know, I'm horrible, I need to continue the others, and I will, but I had to get this out there. Sigh...

Roger Wilkins stood with the halter rope in his hand as he tried to calm the filly down. He had finally stopped her from racing around and had gotten closer when an old blue truck pulled up, causing the horse to bolt to the side and rear up.

"Damn it!" he snapped tying the lead rope to the fence post and turning towards his guest, pulling his hat off and swiping his forehead. "Can I help you?" he asked the man that stepped out of the truck. The man looked around and finally spotted him and sighed as he stepped forward.

"I'm Alex Farnsworth," the man said holding out his hand. Roger sighed and turned back to the horse.

"You're late," he said, grabbing the rope and leading her back to the barn, and ignored the fact that the man followed him. He quickly let her go into the paddock behind the barn and removed the lead rope and halter and watched her run off to the other six horses, causing them to scatter.

"Yeah, sorry about that," Alex said and Roger threw a glare in his direction.

"Fine, don't let it happen again. Get your gear and I'll show you your room," he said and led him back to his truck and waited impatiently as the other man grabbed his stuff. Sighing, Roger turned and walked into the house.

"The kitchen is through there," he said, pointing to his left. "There's a family room at the end of the hall with a full entertainment center, there's a half-bath on the right, under the stairs." He led the way up the stairs and turned right. "This is my room," he said pointing to the room. "We will share a bathroom and your room is the last door on the right." Roger turned to watch the other man as he nodded and walked down the hallway, shaking his head as he watched him enter the room.

He went downstairs and into the kitchen, searching for food to cook for dinner when he heard a knock on the door and scowled when it opened.

"What are you doing here?" he snapped, grabbing steaks from the fridge.

"Good to see you too honey," the man said, leaning against the doorjamb and Roger fought the urge to strike him.

"You're not welcome here," Roger said, grabbing a dish and putting teriyaki sauce and several spices and put the steaks in it.

"Funny, I was living here two months ago," the man said walking into the room, sitting down and putting his feet up on the table.

"That was two months ago," Roger snapped. "Now, what the hell are you doing here?"

"I came for the filly," the man said, removing his feet and sitting forward and watched as Roger stopped what he was doing but didn't turn to look at him.

"You can't have her," he said quietly.

"She's half mine," the man said and Roger turned to him, his eyes flashing.

"It's my name on the papers Dan."

"Fine then pay me the three thousand I paid for her and we'll call it even," Dan said standing.

"You know I don't have that kind of money," he said and didn't stop the other man when he pushed himself against Roger's body and against the counter.

"We could work this out another way," he said, his voice low, his lips inches from Roger's. They heard someone from behind them clear his throat and Roger pushed Dan away from him.

"Well," Dan said, looking the man who had just entered the room making Roger feel angry. "Who's this?"

"Alex Farnsworth," Alex said, stepping forward with his hand out.

"Not bad looking," Dan said, looking back at Roger. "New fuck buddy?" He turned back to Alex when the other man he jerked his hand from his grip.

"I'm his new vet," he snapped, glaring.

"Oh, he's got spunk," he said and grinned.

"Get out Dan," Roger said, angrily.

"All right, all right," he said, his hands held up. "I'm going, I'll talk to you about this later," he said, looking at Roger, and winking at Alex before leaving.

"Sorry about that," Roger said after a few moments of awkward silence.

"Ex-partner?" Alex asked and Roger looked at him and chuckled without mirth.

"In more ways than one," he said, turning back to the steaks.

"I see," Alex said sitting down at the table.

"Is that going to be a problem?" Roger asked, wondering if he had lost his new vet before he had started.

"No, the only problem I'll have is if he comes back," Alex said and Roger turned to give him a slight smile.

"Yeah," he said and sighed. "We opened this place together, bought that filly I was working with earlier."

"Is that why he was here?"

"Yeah, that horse cost a pretty penny and he wants me to pay him the two thousand he paid for her."

Alex stood with his arms resting on the rails of the corral watching as Roger approached the filly that was twitching. He had left the lead rope on the side and it seemed to make her less nervous. Roger made his way closer and held out his hand and the horse stretched out her neck slowly and sniffed it before snorting and tossing her head but stayed where she was standing. Roger took a few steps closer and reached out and stroked her neck and the horse didn't shy away. Roger turned and grinned at Alex and received a grin in return. They didn't see the car pulling up but the filly must have and reared up and knocked Roger over raced away. Alex jumped over the fence and ran to Roger's side.

"Roger?" he said looking over the other man to see him looking up at him.

"Damn it," he said and tried sitting up and gasped in pain.

"Here, let me help you," Alex said helping Roger to his feet. "Let's get you inside." They walked to the gate and walked through and Roger glanced at the blue Land Cruiser as five people climbed out. Alex ignored them and led Roger inside and set him down at the table and started unbuttoning his shirt without thinking about it. Once the shirt was removed he pressed his hands to the other man's ribs.

"Does that hurt?" he asked and nodded when Roger gasped. "I wouldn't be surprised if you have some cracked ribs, and I don't believe your shoulder is dislocated or broken, it'll just be bruised for some time." Without waiting for a response he turned and went upstairs, leaving a confused Roger behind. He walked back downstairs with something in his hands and he again ignored the five people as they walked into the house. "Arms up," he said pulling out a chair and sat down in front of Roger and looked up when Roger didn't move.

"What? I need to tape your ribs," he said and Roger just stared.

"And you know how to do this?" he asked, his voice disbelieving.

"Yeah," he said ducking his head and pushing Roger's arms up. "I went to med school for five years," he said.

"Wait, human med school?" Roger asked as Alex started taping his ribs, trying to ignore how close the other man got when he had to wrap it around his back.

"Yes, human med school," Alex replied.

"But you're a vet…" Roger said confused.

"Yes, yes I am, animals don't complain like human's do," he said looking up at Roger and grinned. They were quiet until Alex was done then he stood and went to the freezer and pulled out ice and wrapped it up and pressed it to Roger's shoulder. They both turned when they heard someone clear their throat and Alex turned to put his stuff away as Roger stood to greet the man and woman.

"Thanks Ashley," he snapped good-naturedly.

"Well hello brother," the woman said pulling him into a hug causing Roger to gasp.

"Ow," he said and she pulled back.

"Sorry," she said and Roger turned to the man and shook his hand.

"How are you doing Brandon?"

"I'm doing well," the man said grinning.

"Excuse me," Alex said and pushed his way past them, carrying his supplies.

"Who's that?" Ashley's blonde eyebrow rose in question. Roger and Ashley had the same blue eyes and blonde hair, Roger was taller which he used to his advantage.

"My new vet slash medic," he said and looked up as three young kids ran towards him.

"Uncle Roger," they cried and he was tackled to the ground.

"Kids," he cried and used his good arm to tickle the youngest girl.

"Guys," Brandon called and his kids looked up, innocence painted on their faces.

"Uncle Roger is hurt, come on, lets go see the horses," he said and the kids jumped up and ran outside, their dad on their heels.

Later that night Alex stood outside of the house drinking a beer and watching the sunset when the door behind him opened and closed and he turned to see Ashley standing there.

"Need another beer?" she asked, holding out another bottle.

"No, I'm good, thanks," he said indicating his half-full bottle.

"Good, I didn't really want to give it to you," she said smiling and leaned next to him. "Its beautiful isn't it?" she asked.

"Gorgeous," Alex said and they stood for a few minutes.

"Yeah," Ashley finally spoke up. "It was our grandparents, Roger and Dan worked really hard to get this place up and running again."

"I thought Roger said that he and Dan bought it," Alex said and Ashley nodded.

"They did, the government was going to take it back but Roger had met Dan and Dan has a lot of money and decided to help buy the place back."

"What happened between them?" he asked and Ashley sighed.

"I don't know if its really my place," she said.

"Sorry," Alex said and she smiled at him.

"No problem. I mean does that bother you, him being gay?" she asked him.

"No, not at all," Alex said and smiled.

"That's good to hear, he needs a friend right now," he said.

"What are you guys talking about?" they turned to see Brandon and Roger standing there.

"Nothing in particular," Ashley said.

"Well, we should get going," Brandon said and Ashley nodded and they stepped off the porch, Brandon holding their youngest daughter and the other two following behind.

"It was nice to meet you Alex," Ashley said and hugged Roger before they walked down to their car and drove away.

"They're great," Alex said as Roger turned to walk back into the house.

"Yeah, well good night," he said and walked past Alex.

"Good night," Alex replied and sighed as he rested his arms against the railing.