Cutting Ties

I'm tired of hypocrisy, I'm tired of the way

I'm tossed and flopped 'bout like rag

But must treat you another way

I'm tired of complaining to which I must lend an ear

As insults pour in from all sides

My temper's held merely by fear

I'm tired of competing for everything that's mine

The grabbing and insistent needing

Can't we both win at one time?

I'm tired of the insults that I forcibly endure

Of my tearful retaliations

Being forced to act demure

I'm tired of the things I do that earn small gratitude

But are forgotten minutes later

In a burst of anger spewed

I'm tired of the rising anger boiling up inside

The guilt, exhaustion, never fading

Emptiness as though I've died

I'm tired of forgiving because that's my simple way

Of being cheated for my nature

Stomped on soundly every day

I'm tired of one-sided friendship made to fit just you

I'm tired of this dance I dance

See! Now it's me that's leaving you