Werewolf Meadows

Reveal to me a story
Told in an age long ago
Of lovers and believers
Drowned in cold white snow

With icicles kissing their lips
And frost smothering their faces
Dark trees mourn their deaths
And earth's overrun with races

Young lovers sweep the meadows
Women pick ripe apples to bear
Men stand below to catch them
And breathe in their breath as air

Girls giggle like fairies
Boys laugh at their games
Wishers battle the conversation
That will let them hear their names

Spring melts the snow blanket
Water surges to the streams
Flowers bloom-and children soon
Will join the earth that gleams

The ground is muddy and soft
Puddles dot the fields
And a bony hand sticks out
And it's fingers grasp a shield

Marks are slashed across it
Blood smeared and stained around
Dents and bruises inflicted
From that which springs from ground

Dig deeper believers and see
The rusty silver dagger in the heart
Of the other lover who lay
With a soul broken apart

Girls scream and boys scatter
The teeth appear sharp and clean
The claws apparent on the lover
Who could never be weaned

Night falls on the meadows
Girls cling to the men they love
The howl of a werewolf echoes
From the full moon that hovers above.

The girls break away from the men
Their green eyes glimmer so wild
As their bodies change altogether
And run to chase wife and child

Women arm themselves with armor
That belonged once to their loves
And shield their innocent babies
From the moon that hovers above

Spring fades and snow falls
Blood smeared on shields all around
With bodies strewn like seeds
Across the fruitless ground

And men weep in their hands
The red still fresh on their skin
Their green eyes dull and lonely
Unforgiving of the deep sin.

Now reveal to me a story
Told in an age long ago
Of lovers and believers
Drowned in cold white snow.

A/N: This is basically a story told in a poem. The idea miraculously came to me after I read a book about werewolves. (yeah, surprise, surprise). So review if you like. Comments are appreciated.