It's existing in a world apart.

The feel of his arms around you,

His eyes looking into yours,

His smile tugging at your lips,

His voice mumbling against your neck.

It becomes your world;

That feeling that you couldn't be more fulfilled.

It doesn't matter that it's not always perfect,

'Cause there's enough moments that just are.

And you never thought…

Not in a million years…

Another person could make you feel this light.

And this empty…

'Cause he's got a dream to chase,

A passion to explore,

And he's got to leave.

God, it hurts to say goodbye,

Even for just a little while.
You'd thought you'd gotten used to the idea,

But as you sit across from him in the car,

Sharing one last kiss,

Tears are steadily running down your face.

You've been fighting them all day.

Why did time have to go so fast?

The silent tears keep pouring,

"I love you," you manage to say,

Just as he opens the car door.

"I love you too."

The door closes.

He's got to go.

And once he's out of sight,

Everything you've been holding back is released.

Driving down the freeway, ragged sobs choking out.

"I'm going to miss his smile," you stutter.

"I love his lips!" you scream.

"And his hands…"

And you can't breathe for crying, you have to slow down.

"And his arms…"

I won't feel him hold me…

"God, I'm going to miss his stupid jokes."

And the radio is playing "I Am Ready for Love,"

And you're thinking: Nobody can be ready for this…

But you know you wouldn't have it any other way,

For the feeling that everything is right when he holds you.