summer - 6.24.06

in the heat-held moments (time too tired to tick)
of life (breath-defined) and hazy light (this lazy hight of mood),
the fireflies popping in and out (our lives, our love - compacted
into a day-to-day existence: generations pass in the time
it takes the heat between us to cool),
thoughts of what might be (and what bites me - the air a hidden swarm
of life, lacking languor, leaving little lines
on my skin), trailing fiery paths (like burning gasoline)
through my head - i'm electrified, but listless
(as i list this litany of wishes for you; but always wordless in the stead
of effort-driven expression) -
life, affirmed yet again (my sigh providing the definition - what once was unseen:
the movement of tiny wings - suddenly there, where nothing was before)
continues, day by day (death by death), breath by breath
'till the leaves join the flies and, aided by the lies, so do i.