A Burning Nirvana
by SushiPhase

I've become not what I was. I've gone where I haven't. I made me into what I wasn't and floated into the light. I drifted into the sun and burned up.

I relished in the bright. I basked in the white. I was reborn, I was reincarnated, I was birthed again in the intense merciless heat.

I was renewed in the complete and pure and burning death of me. And with the death of me came the end of all things unknown, all things unnatural, all things unnecessary and all things un-me. I floated into a burning nirvana and purged, rinsed, torched and cleansed all things me and all things not me and all things I'm not and all things I am.

I'm new. I'm not Me anymore.

I've an aura about me of untouched, unscathed little things. Little pretty honest things.

I've come down from my searing Heaven to only see all the sad, petty, ugly things all around.

But I'm new. But I'm different. But I'm not me anymore. I'm not Me.

I'm happy.