You sit and criticize

Watching, believing the lies

Using your remote

Yelling about the recent vote


Fights between rich and poor

Sit now and believe

Sit now and be deceived

Lives lost

You say it's too high a cost

Protest and throw your fit

All while you watch CNN and sit

Go ahead and recline

Feel free to whine

That's why they fight

To give you that right

Sit now and be fed

Lies about the honorably dead

Scream about their ways

As you go about your normal days

180 days they're each in Iraq, a foreign land

180 times their families wake up without them

180 times they wake up surrounded by sand

180 days you sit and condemn

Sit now, and believe the lies

As another of our boys dies

Sit now, yell about the gas prices

As media sells you lies by the slices

Sit now, and yell about the government

Not bothering to stop for a moment

Sit now and yell as much as you want- it's your right

Just remember who fights so you can sit there, ignorant with your rights.