"Give her back!" I yelled at them while jumping up and down trying to reach it.

He stood there, a couple inches taller than me, with his arm raised holding my doll, taunting me.

"Aww does wittle Elizabeth want her dolly back?" He said in a baby voice while throwing Betsy to the other boy.

They were playing monkey in the middle and unfortunately, I was the monkey.

"Fine, you can have your dolly back." The second boy held it in front of me, but when I reached for it he snatched it back quickly and threw it high up.

Betsy flew through the air spinning a few times until landing on a tree branch, too far up for anyone to reach, especially a five-year-old girl. The two boys ran off laughing as if they had done nothing wrong at all.

I jumped up reaching as high up as I could trying to get Betsy down. I knew it was useless, but I had to try. After many failed attempts, I crumpled against the tree crying. Betsy was my best friend and now she is gone forever. Oh how I hated them. Stupid Billy and David. As long as I could remember those two have taunted me and made my life a living hell. Why, out of all the kids in our neighborhood, did they have to bother me? Probably because they know I'm a wimp and would never fight back. What I need is an older brother to fight back for me. I wish my parents gave me an older brother, but no, I have to be an only child. I got up once my tears were under control, and walked home.

"Hey sweetie, did you have fun at school?" My mother asked me when I entered the door.

"Yes, school was great."

I loved my mommy, but she was clueless about what actually happens to me at school. She thinks that I am like every other kid there, happy and full of energy. She couldn't be more wrong. I was miserable and full of hate for Billy and David.

I walked up to my room and drew a picture of Betsy. All I have left of her is a memory. I cried myself to sleep that night and wished that Billy and David would hurt themselves.

(School the next day)

"Did you hear that David, the little baby couldn't get her stupid doll back."

"Hahaha, she probably cried about it too."

"I did not. Leave me alone."

"What if we don't want to?" I stayed silent; they knew I would never do anything.

"That's what I thought."

I started walking away from them, but apparently not fast enough.

"Hey I didn't say you could leave yet. I'm not done making fun of you." Billy pulled me back hard and I fell backwards.

A sharp pain shot through my back and I winced. The two demon children saw but that only seemed to make them laugh. I tried to get up but found my hands scratched up and I fell back down from the pain. Seeing me struggle only seemed to make them laugh harder.

"Now maybe you'll learn not to walk away when I'm talking to you." They walked off leaving me in the middle of the schoolyard in pain, crying. I seemed to cry a lot when they're around.

Once school was over, I walked home and saw the tree that Betsy was thrown into. I looked up but saw no Betsy. Where could she be!? She was there just yesterday. I looked around frantically but still couldn't find her. My day just got worst.

(Next day)

Today was a special day. Not even Billy and David can ruin today for me. Today was my birthday and I am now six. My mommy brought a cake to school for me and my teacher even lit it up so I could make a wish.

"So the little baby is finally six. She still looks like a baby."

"Leave me alone or you won't get any cake."

"Like we want any of your nasty cake. It has Elizabeth cooties on it."

"My name is Liz!"

"Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth!"

"Elizabeth, come blow out your candles." My teacher called me.

I had the perfect wish. I've been waiting a year to make my wish and today I finally get to. My class sang the birthday song to me then I closed my eyes and made my wish. I wish that Billy and David would quit picking on me.

I bent down to blow out my candles when I felt something on my face. It burned at first, something hard was poking my face, then I felt a cool spongy feeling. I cleared the substance from my eyes and saw Billy smirking. He had pushed my lit cake in my face.

I don't know what came over me, but the next thing I knew was that I was lunging at Billy. One year I waited for that wish. The one day a year that was mine and mine only. Why is it so hard to not be picked on for one special day. Billy didn't understand this. He couldn't, he didn't have a heart.

I was hovering over Billy's frightened body as I started punching me. He cried and tried to shield himself from my blows but it was useless. The whole class looked at the scene stunned as the teacher tried to fight her way through the crowd. By the time the teacher pried me off of him, his nose was bleeding and he was crying like a little baby.

Once off of him I looked at what I had just done and I froze. What have I done? I can't believe I lost control like that. Every single one of my classmates looked at me wide eyed and scared. I had turned into the class bully and nobody wanted anything to do with me. I was suspended from school for a week and when I came back, everyone avoided me. It is safe to say that I could do anything to anyone and get away with it. Some may be envious of this newfound power of mine, but I only want it gone. I don't want to be the school bully and I don't want to be feared. The only good that came from that day is that I got my wish. Billy and David never bothered me again.