That was the worst year of school I had ever had. No one would talk to me or even go near me. Things got so bad, that that summer, I moved away. My parents had to get new jobs in a new city far away from my old one. It didn't bother me much; in fact I liked the move. I didn't have to leave any friends because I didn't have any, and nobody here thinks I'm a crazy lunatic. My only regret about the move is making my parents go through it. They had to get new jobs and everything.

That was years ago though, 11 years to be exact. The memory has been shoved to the back of my mind and almost forgotten. Living in this town has taken up the majority of my memory, but thanks to my dear dad, that is soon to change. He got promoted and we all have to move. Yes move, but wait, that's not even the best part. We have to move back to our old town where I hoped to never go again.

My parents probably don't even remember the reason we moved in the first place. They are all ecstatic about the move, probably because my dad will be making tons more now. Here I am, back in my old town. Back in my old life. Back in reality. The first day of school starts tomorrow. Maybe nobody will notice me there, or at least forget who I am. But what if they do remember me, and they all plan to kick me out of the town. Or if they don't remember and I'm still an outcast.

I'm probably making too big a deal out of this. Who would remember a little kid fight 11 years ago. I'm sure we'll all laugh about it if they actually do remember.

"Lizzy, get up, it's time to go to school." I could hear my mother yell from downstairs.

I got up from my comfortable bed and clumsily got dressed. My eyes were barely open and right now, all I wanted to do was shoot the sun and turn back time so I could get more sleep. I didn't take a shower this morning because I always take them at night, it just made more sense to me. Why go to sleep all dirty? If you take a shower at night you'll still be clean in the morning right? I headed downstairs and ate the so carefully made egos my mom gave me.

I walked to the bus stop and waited with the other 2 kids there. I actually had no clue where I'm suppose to get off. I figure when all the teenagers get off I will too, I just hope I get off at the right school. The two people at the bus stop seemed unfazed by me. See school will be no sweat, I really did blow the whole situation out of proportion. We all got on the overly crowded bus that was filled with noise. I simply turned on my cd player and listened to a mix. Who needs a mp3 player when a cd player is all I can afford. Everyone continued their conversations and acted as if I was not there. As long as the rest of the school year goes like this, I'll be fine.

"Brad Arty"


"Kat Carson"


My first period teacher went through the list of names as I waited for mine to be called. Hopefully nobody will remember me

"Elizabeth Kenson"

"Here" I said. Nope, no reaction from the half awake class. This year will be perfectly fine.

"Billy Larson"

Please do not tell me he just said Billy Larson. Please tell me he said Willy Larson or Billy Larkson, anything but Billy Larson.


I turned around unconsciously to see where the voice came from. A tall, well I'm guessing tall since he's sitting down, well-built, handsome guy raises his hand to show he is here. He looks athletic, he has to be captain of some sport. Great, I had to punch a guy that becomes popular later in life. Let's just hope his personality has changed and he'll leave me alone. Or even better, he is a different Billy Larson who just looks similar to the kindergartener I punched.

"David Marsh"

Oh as if life couldn't get any greater, Billy's sidekick is in my class too. He, like Billy, is fairly muscular and handsome. Seriously, you gotta love life. Notice the sarcasm?

Class went extremely slowly, talking about class rules and expectations. It's not like anyone listens, I don't know why teachers must repeat the same thing every year in every class. All throughout class I couldn't help but feel as if a pair of eyes were staring at me. I felt uncomfortable under the gaze and shifted in my seat a lot. Maybe I'm being paranoid and nobody is even paying attention to me.

I swear by the end of the day I could recite every single stupid class rule from no gum chewing to no bathroom passes. Other than the usual boringness of class, school wasn't too bad. Billy is in 2 of my other classes and David is in 1. I noticed other people from kindergarten also. Everyone changed so much. I would never have recognized them on the streets if I didn't hear their names being called in role.

I found the perfect lunch spot too, the roof of the school. So maybe I would get in serious trouble if I am to ever get caught up there, but who cares, maybe they'll kick me out of the school if I'm lucky.

I decided to walk back home, not feeling like taking an overly crowded, way too noisy bus. I was about a block from school when someone decided to inturrupt my walk.


I kept walking figuring the person was talking about someone else. I didn't know anyone at school, nor did anyone know me.

"Elizabeth!" Somebody pulled me by my shoulder and whipped me around to face them.

Great just what I need. Just when I thought my day was going good, this happens. Nothing has changed, they still seem to be able to ruin my day. Right in front of me stood Billy with David and a few others I don't know.