Age doesn't matter because your going to do things when you are ready with the responsibilities that are expected of is possible just put your mind into it.

But then again when all hope has vanished thoroughly through my fingertops,and nothing can evesdrop in to make everything comfortable and judgement is conspicuous towards all your wishful thinking,because all wishful thinking is dangerous if you know the another knows its never going to become all a wishful delusions thats sucking your melancholy better hope that reality start kicking in before your living inside a daydreamers world.

People are dieing inside everybodies minds and changing shape in the form of memory.

Why don't people write about the failures rather than the victories.

There is this girl that thinks she is my friend but in reality where only acquaintances that meet down the lonesome is going place while its probable that i am going to be left she still hangs around to begging to brag about the overwhelming futures that are in her i hate her for is that right of has their problems,and i personally think thats its at equal weight all in the same neighborhood of lonely us caressing and smoothing together with our hopes, fears, and sorrows.

Sometimes i think about the way families live together connected through meaningless alleyies of after everyone is old enought to move out of the house and get away from each are confused about the people that they thought they is their own individual with their owns plans,just the force of time, rules , and matter of opinion thats keeping everyone locked up living together inside seperate rooms,waking up early in the morning by themselves in seperate bedrooms alone inside their thoughts.

Something that i wrote this morning,that also like everything above is rambling Syndrome please be smypathic towards my need to do something with than reading,yeah.

I am a personalized diease

you thinking about ordering me

Think again please

I'll bring devotion and ill tidings

To all whom is arriving

Bless your souls

I am quite contagious

Well that was during dribbles of sausgaes and folks

Sorry about the least of good spellings.

Leaving that,So you can correct me,In the reviews